Bacon patties. Meatloaf. Help me!

In the local grocery’s meat department they sell bacon patties. I’ve never noticed them before, but now that I have, and remembering the Dope’s love of all things bacon, I wondered if anyone had any experience using them.

What I would like to make is a meatloaf. I don’t know precisely how big the bacon patties are, though eyeballing them they look about a 4 oz. That seems like a lot of bacon to add to a meatloaf, but I am a bacon patty novice.

Usually for a meatloaf I use around 3/4 pounds of beef and 3/4 pounds of pork. If I added 1/4 pounds of bacon, will it just be a bacon-flavored loaf?

Full disclosure: I actually am not the biggest fan of bacon, but my husband loves both bacon and meatloaf and combining the two seems like a winner.


No clue on what to do with bacon patties. I can say, however, that plain ol’ bacon draped over the top of the meatloaf is yummy. Just layer it on and throw it in the oven.

A butcher shop here in Reno sells “bacon burgers”, which are some ratio of like 3 parts ground beef and 1 part ground bacon or something, so they’re not just wads of ground bacon. They’re very popular as burgers because they don’t shrink up like all-beef patties do.

Might be similar.

These are actually just patties made of ground bacon, not a mix of anything. They look like sausage. I thought they were just a breakfast sausage until I read the label.

Ah. Ignore me, then! :slight_smile:

Well, I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and try a 1/4 pound bacon patty mixed in with 1 pound of lean ground beef.

It made an excellent meatloaf. Not too bacony at all.

I understand all the words, but I do not understand their meaning when they are used together in this order. :confused:
There is no way that something can be too bacony.