Now THIS is a bacon burger!

I know how the Dope loves bacon, but this might be a bit over-the-top!

I like my bacon crispy, so the idea of a patty made of bacon is foul.

How is a patty made of bacon? Isn’t that just another way of saying ground pork?

In any event, the bacon should serve as an *accent *to the burger so as to maximize the contrasting bacony goodness.

I suppose the difference is that regular ground pork isn’t cured and smoked.

That being said, the idea of eating a patty of it just sounds awful - and this is coming from a person who thought the Double Down was a stroke of culinary genius.

The sodium content would send me to the ER.

That’s a load of rich creamery butter.

That looks and probably tastes a lot like a sausage patty. I like a sausage egg breakfast sandwich. However, the picture looks like a lot more sausage patty that I would be able to eat.

They make ground bacon? Ohmmmmm

We call it… the “Good Morning Burger”.

At the wonderful Chuck’s Burger Bar in Hamilton, you can pick up one of these… or a double, if you prefer. The Mrs had it (the single) about six months ago and said it filled her bacon quota for a year. We recommend the bison burger.

OMG coolbyrne I need to leave the house more often… Chuck’s sounds awesome. Now I want a burger.

We go about once a month as a treat, because it really is a lot of protein and fat. We’ve gone with a friend who is quite fit and he’s downed a plate of turkey wings and a double bison burger. You also get about 2 potatoes worth of fries. I don’t know how he did it. I can put away a Smokey Blue Haze and Bacon and they practically have to carry me home.

I can only eat bacon if it’s crispy, so this burger’s not for me.

Which is probably for the best.