Bacon, or sausage?

Which of these two, and only two, options do you prefer with your breakfast?
[ul][li]Bacon. American-style bacon. Not Canadian bacon, Irish bacon, beef bacon, tofu bacon, turkey bacon… Bacon.[/li]Sausage. America-style breakfast sausage. It can be patties/bulk, links, or skinless links… but no bangers, bratwurst, Blutwurst, or any other kind of wurst. Hot dogs are right out.[/ul]

Well, hell. I wanted to post a poll. If a mod can add one (Option 1: Bacon, Option 2: Sausage) that would be great. If not… Oh, well.

You are a cruel, cruel person.


Stares at the bacon just out of reach.

Sausage all the way.

Someday I am going to realize my childhood dream of going to a breakfast buffet and pilling one plate high with Bacon, and a second plate stacked with Sausage links.

On that day, by observing which plate is empty first, I will have the answer you seek.


Bacon AND sausage.

FIFY. :wink:

You mean that boring shit you get at Bob Evans? I was going to say sausage because it’s so much more creative, but I have to stick with bacon, I guess.

(pondering) A proper Chicago dog with eggs and hash browns could be interesting. Puly probably knows some place where I can get it, or I could just make it.

Thank you, Colibri.

No vote for you!

Sausage for me. It’s more filling than bacon, and it picks up the pancake syrup better. It’s also more flavourful in my opinion.

Sausage by far. Bacon is one thing. Sausage is a galaxy of items, customizable to the needs of the day. For example, last week I stopped by the local German market/deli/restaurant and picked up 5 different types of sausage. Plus sauerkraut, of course. Now not all of these would be appropriate for breakfast, but at least three of them would be. Let’s not even get into the patty/link controversy.

A great thank you to the mods. I don’t know how we’d have ever been able to been able to get along in life without knowing the answer to such a meaningful question.


You get oatmeal.

There’s no option for, “Yes, please”? You sadist!


Of the choices available, sausage, but on an Australian breakfast plate short cut bacon.

Sausage made from (or at least with) bacon!?

CMC fnord!


I picked the only bacon I liked was sizzlelean because it didn’t shrink into tiny crunchy pieces and maple and brown sugar was the bomb …

does breakfast beef count as bacon ? an moslem acquaintance bought some in for a cultural food day it wasn’t bad she said they cooked it like bacon in fact it was labeled occasionally as "all beef bacon "

Just to be clear here - while I prefer bacon I would in no way turn down sausage if bacon was not available.