Breakfast Meats -- Pre-Poll Exploration

With the astounding success of How do you like your breakfast eggs? started 03-20-2010, 08:15 AM by Avarie537 and achieving 108 Replies and 4,286 Views until 03-29-2010 02:44 PM by breaking-reality with Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 294, I would like to examine the options for Breakfast Meats that might go into a comparable poll at some point.

I’m already familiar with these:

– Bacon
– Country Ham
– Baked Ham
– Steak
– Link sausage
– Patty sausage
– Chorizo
– Hash

I know there are others that I’m just not thinking of off the top of my head, so what can you add to a list of these things?

Of course, I have no problem with someboidy else taking this ball and running with it at any point along the way, and I haven’t even searched to see if the topic has already been addressed. Links to such threads would be nice.

Looks like you’ve got it pretty much covered. Perhaps you’d want to specify pre-cooked(gross) bacon/sausage and non (not as additional options, but tell everyone to assume they’d have to cook it first as opposed to taking it out of a Jimmy Dean box and microwaving it).

Fake beef bacon, fake turkey sausage, and the dreaded veal sausage. We also have some sort of fake ham slice that has a red coloring that is absolutely frightening.

May also want to differentiate “Canadian bacon” from American pork belly rashers.

Good ideas! I just thought that “breakfast” might not be the early morning sit-down meal for some folks, and as such might include things like:

– Jerky
– Slim Jims
– Vienna sausage
– Potted meat (lips and peckers, a la Sling Blade)
– Burgers or various types
– “some meat” and biscuit (includes chicken at Hardee’s and others like it)

When I worked nights, we had “lunch” at 11:30 PM, so “breakfast” was probably at around sunset! In those days I never bothered with traditional breakfast.

Some other sandwich meat that’s fairly popular around here (the Netherlands):

Chicken/turkey fillet (baked and sliced)
Roast beef
Dry sausage (with garlic, like chorizo, but not as spicy as that)
ETA: Speck

Also, from the UK: black pudding and white pudding.

– Chicken-fried steak
– Ground beef patty
– Gravlax or lox

Multiple choice (which I didn’t notice in the egg thread) is a good idea. For example, my vafourite is Farmer John’s link sausage; but it’s not available here. So I’d have to choose sausage patties. Unless I’m at a diner, in which case it would be chicken-fried steak. Except at one specific diner back in Lancaster, where it must be the ham steak.

Don’t forget the Spam.


Spam & eggs: mmmmmmmmmm good.

– Fried balogna
– Fried salami
– Other lunch meat sausages fried or cooked in some other way
Does anybody have pepperoni as a breakfast meat?

I’ve never even wanted to try them but are “breakfast fish” things to consider? Herring and the like?

I bet gyros meat would be good. Or other rotisserie lamb and veal sorts of things.

Kippers. Can’t have kippers and eggs without the kippers!

Pork chops.

I answered about five choices in the egg poll. And this one definitely ought to include multiple answers per voter. One visit, many choices. Besides, in any given week, I would probably have at least three different meats just for the variety.

Black pudding often features in English breakfasts, its a kind of blood sausage served in slices.

Chicken fried hamburgers with scrambled eggs.

Scrapple needs to be on there just so it can get its ass kicked.

A favorite of my dad’s; Pig brains and scrambled eggs.

Also: breakfast kidneys, fried up.

I’ve had no luck trying to locate a website or reference source where a comprehensive list of Breakfast Meats is provided.

How can that be?

Even Wikipedia lumps meats into the Category:Breakfast_foods stack and lets you decide if stuff is meat, meatlike, meatish, or whatever.

Do you recognize anything on that list that’s more meat than anything else and that’s yet to be mentioned here?

There are quite a few different kinds of bacon besides American and Canadian.

My brother likes kielbasa and other fancier-than-link sausages for breakfast.

For loose definitions of “meat”. It sure is tasty, though.

Oh, and in addition to chicken-fried steak, there’s also just plain normal steak. And in addition to black pudding, there’s also white pudding.