Favorite Breakfast Meat -- First Pass

Please refer to Breakfast Meats – Pre-Poll Exploration if the categories in this poll are confusing.

Based on the results here, we may have follow-up polls to expand these categories further.

Add comments to that linked thread or to this one to help broaden or define the area(s) you really prefer to have as your “first meal of the day.”

Thanks for including hash, it’s one of my guilty pleasures.

The corned beef variety, that is, not the turkish variety.

But usually my breakfast consists mainly of All-Bran. :frowning:

Maybe further requests will cause the Turkish to be added as well.

Mine, in poll order:

Sausage (all types)
Bacon (all types)
Ham (all types)
Pork chop
Beef steak

My favourite sausage is Farmer John’s, in the plastic-wrapped cardboard box. It’s not available here, so the next choice is Jimmy Dean’s cut into patties. If I’m having link sausages at home (actual links; not the link-shaped skinless ones like Farmer John’s) I make bangers. When eating out, I’ll eat whatever links they’re serving. I also like chorizo and scrambled eggs; either on a plate, or in a corn tortilla.

Bacon. American-style; smoked , or maple smoked. I used to eat Irish bacon in L.A., but I haven’t found it up here.

Most places serve ham I’m not especially fond of; like they used canned ham or something. If I’m having ham at home, or at Crazy Otto’s back in Lancaster, I like the real ham steak with the round bone in it.

Pork chop. Sometimes ya just gotta have 'em.

I’ve made hash from leftover corned beef, but it usually comes out of a can. Lots of pepper. I only eat this at home, and not when I go out.

‘Beef steak’ could be a few things. When eating out I’ll normally have the chicken-fried steak with hash browns, eggs medium sunny-side up, and toast or biscuit and gravy. I also like a nice sirloin, or leftover rib roast.

For me, the fish is nearly always kippers. Pike Place Fish Market has frozen kippers from Scotland, or else I’ll fry up a tin of ‘kipper snacks’. Great with scrambled eggs. If I’m eating light, I like gravlax on a smörgås.

The things I didn’t vote for: I don’t mind cold cuts for breakfast, but it’s not something I often eat. To me, that’s more of a thing you put out when there are more people around than just yourself. A ground beef patty is nice with a couple of eggs, but I didn’t vote for it because I rarely have it myself. There’s usually bacon in the house. Spam is a lunch thing for me. Spam sandwiches, Spam salad sandwiches, or Spam musubi. I know a lot of people like it for breakfast, and I’ve had it with eggs for breakfast; but I’d rather have bacon or sausage. Lamb/Veal/Gyros are not things I’ve had for breakfast. Nothing against them, but those are things I eat later in the day. Same with chicken. I tend to avoid ‘mystery meat’ (potted meat), so that would be the one I’d vote against! I like black pudding, but I don’t know where to get it up here.

Reality section: I love a full breakfast with eggs and meat and potatoes. In reality, my breakfast is usually a bowl of oatmeal.

I think that Taylor Ham merits its own category. For any kind of egg sandwich, I prefer it. Since that wasn’t available, I went with bacon.

Taylor Ham is mentioned in the linked thread. What can you add to the Wiki description to make it more than a special case of “sausage.” I have personally never had it to know it. Maybe it goes by some other description or name around here, or is served only in special places.

It will probably come to be that further “drill down” polls will follow this one. Maybe by then Taylor Ham and other specialty foods will be among the poll choices there.

Thanks for the input, in any case.

It is, indeed. My bad.

Sausage (including sausage gravy…mmmm!)

Followed very closely by bacon.

Nothing like sage sausage, fried in a patty, crumbled in scrambled eggs, or - the holiest of holies - sausage gravy.

I like the Tenn Pride sausage links.

Sausage lovers are invited to participate in the Breakfast Sausage – Pre-Poll Discussion I just started.

We obviously need more precision in this category!

Where is the scrapple?

I would think “mystery meat” might include scrapple as far as the poll categories go at present. Wikipedia leads me to think that anyway.

There may need to be a follow-up poll for the “mystery meat” things. Right now, they don’t appear to be big favorites.


Sausage, then bacon, then chicken-fried steak. Each in its place. And the place is delicious.

I checked off “mystery meat” on the assumption that it included scrapple.

Since nobody has asked yet, and since it’s the only item with no vote yet, let me say that “Lunch Meat” refers to those things like fried bologna, fried salami, and other packaged meats usually associated with sandwiches and deli fare but which are cooked (usually fried) for a breakfast item.

Just in case you check this far before voting.

In a high school German class our book had a photo of a ‘typical German breakfast’. It included cold cuts, cheese, bread, butter, jam, and some other stuff I don’t remember. I’m sure the photo was from a larger gathering than a typical family, and I’ve no idea what a ‘typical German breakfast’ really is. But it seems plausible or probable that cold cut breakfasts are somewhat common.

Yes, (bread/bread rolls)+(butter/magarine)+(jam/cheese/sliced sausage/ham/bacon)+(hot beverage) is pretty much the standard adult breakfast in most parts of Germany. I am so used to it that the idea that a cooked/fried breakfast is pretty offputting to me. So, for me, from the OP’s list only sausages, please. (My favourites are Italian and Hungarian salami)

Right? I checked off “mystery meat.” Close enough.