Bad Astronomer explains what is and is not a planet

While we no longer hear from him, it’s always nice to hear him.

I miss him.

A fine fellow.

Miss who? I’m lost. :confused:

The Bad Astronomer (Phil Plait) was one of the most publicly famous members of this board. He represents astronomy and space travel and was one of the sought after debunkers in the media when the moon landing hoax loonies were given lots of press back a few years ago. He run and he frequently appears in the media about such topics. He was an active member of this board for a while. that is.

With the moon landing tapes now MIA he’s going to be a busy boy in the near future.

Say, you don’t suppose he has them? :smiley:

well… he is a bad astronemenr.

…but even so he’'s a better speller than I am!