Bad Astronomer is in Discover!

I was reading this month’s issue of Discover this morning, and I happened upon an article - something about a certain person and his crusade against junk science in the media. Something was oddly familiar about the name given, Phillip Plait, and I read further, interest piqued thoroughly - it got even weirder when they talked about balancing eggs and the impossibility of dodging laser beams. I about fell out of my seat when I realized that it was none other than the Bad Astronomer! First, TV and radio, now this? What next? Addressing the nation on 50-foot video screens?

50’ vid screens on every corner, no less. Constant audio feed in in Hollywood studios. Posters on the walls of every school.

Bad Astronomer as Big Brother!

WOO! Congratulations, Bad Astronomer! Today Discover, tomorrow, your own feature film, eh?

Actually this isn’t the first time BA’s been mentioned in Discover. His website was mentioned in one of the little boxes that appear at the bottom of some of the pages in the magazine. This was about year, year and a half ago. I remember it clearly because that was how I found his site. Also by following links that was eventually how I found this site.

I already directed one friend to the site via the Discover article when he asked me to explain why people at the equator didn’t go flying off the planet because of its rotation.

Thanks for being there, Philip!

Heh. Well, I knew it was coming: Bob Berman interviewed me, of course. It was a pretty flattering piece. He wrote a book review too, which will be published in a different magazine… but I’ll let y’all figure out which one. :wink:

More is coming. I’m doing a talk in LA on Sunday, and maybe on a Vermont radio station on Friday. I’ll be posting more info on my website as it comes in. You all get my newsletter, right? Right?

Well, I didn’t know he was gonna be in Discover, but I knew that something big was coming for The Bad Astronomer.

See, in his horoscope, Jupiter was in the first house and Leo was ascendant… OUCH! Who threw that?