Bad, bad, bad Beck has once again arisen from the depths. (My latest travails in healthcare)

I’ve been ill.
I haven’t been online as much.
I see the SDMB has survived without me.
But, I’m BACK.

Lefty, my last(only) kidney has decided to cause alittle trouble. I’ve had a UTI for 8days or so. Time gets away from one as you’re writhing in pain and/or drugged up.

Had to have a new PICC line installed. Back to Borg Beck. Ugh.

Friday the Nephrologists decided he needed to do a biopsy. I did ok and came home.
I was back at the hospital by Saturday in a grotesque amount of pain and was peeing bright red blood.
This same Doctor determined I only had a lower UTI. Then he threw off caution and said he was baffled by my case. That does not engender confidence in his ability to see the Zebra and not the horse. Especially since he poked a big needle in my flank and made my Lefty bleed.
I have vague memories of Big Wrek chewing him out.
I really like this Doctor, tho’. Not many Doctors are able to put up with my whining and questions.

Right now after sleeping nearly 16hrs, I’m feeling sore allover. No fever. No more bleeding.

I’m tryna wrap my head around it all. I’m, as usual, convincing myself all is not lost. I do feel better, tired and sore but much better.

Crossed fingers my biopsy comes back good.

So that’s where I’ve been.
Thx for asking😁

Geez! Fingers crossed for a good biopsy!

I’ve been missing you, Beck. I’m glad that you checked in, and I hope that all works out well.

Kinda wish I had a song parody for you right now, but I can’t think of one. Meh, give me time. :wink:

Seriously, Beck, get well soon. You are missed.

Eek! You and Lefty feel better!

A tortoise get-well card.

I was wondering where you went, Beck. Glad to know you’re still on this side of demise. We were able to muddle along without you, but not too well.

Hope everything turns out ok with you.

Best wishes. I was happy to see you posting, but not so much when I read it. Please stay well.

Crossing fingers and toes. But not legs, because then I’ll have the idea I need to use the bathroom and not eyes because I’m still trying to get used to the new vari-focus lens.

Hey, @Cecil_Adams…don’t I get any pity points.

I’m pathetic

Survived? Barely, just hanging on.

IME, doctors actually prefer patients who ask lots of questions. Keep doing it.

Me too, more fervently than you know. That waiting for a path report or a biopsy can be agonizing. Hope it comes through quickly.

Thanks for stopping by-we were worried and, may I say, bored without you. You’re the yeast in our bread dough :bread:


Beck, your huge fan base worries about you, so thanks for checking in. And any doc who can’t deal with a few complaints and a lot of questions shouldn’t be in practice. I’m glad you have people on your side. Tell Lefty to hang in there.

rooting for ya beck, whole hog

@kayaker, thx for tortoise well wishes. So sweet.

I go in tomorrow for an IV and another visit. And those dreaded results.

Thx, all.
Love you guys.

hugs tight Good to hear from you, Beck. Sending lots of good thoughts for tomorrow’s trip to the doc.

{{{ :crossed_fingers:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2:}}}


I wondered where you’ve been. Thinking of you and praying for good results.

Beck can’t ride on the breeze, do what she please, hasta stay, can’t get away.

So what did you find out? I hope the news was encouraging.

And we are very glad that you are.

Hey! Lefty! Get well quick, please! Beck needs you and we need Beck.

I’m pulling for you Beck. Keep fighting and get well soon.

I hope they’re giving you medicine for the pain. Keeping you as comfortable as possible.

I’ve had UTI’s and know how miserable they can be.
Best regards