Bad, bad, bad Beck has once again arisen from the depths. (My latest travails in healthcare)

I cannot speak for Lefty–I’ll leave that to Beck and her physicians–but we definitely need Beck.

I’ve come out of a stupor.
Sorry to worry you guys. But I had a rough day.
It seems Lefty has a stone.

Just another example of my epic bad luck.
I had an IV and a visit with the Doc.
He says it’s an easy fix.
Yes, @aceplace57, I’m on some badass pain meds.

I think I go next Monday. The lil’wrekker took notes.

I’m hoping to be up and about for a day or two beforehand.

As my brain is still fuzzy I’m gonna go back to sleep.
See, y’all tomorrow.

Thanks for all your concern.

Sleep well.

{{{pain meds}}}



Crossing fingers and toes that the destoning will be relatively simple and there will be no more stones.

hugs the Beck

Kidney stones are no fun whatsoever. Hopefully they will be able to zap it quickly, and get you feeling better.

Hope you slept well!

Yup, the zap procedure is painless and you go home with a free filter strainer afterwards.

Worst part for me was getting to the outpatient check-in by 5:30AM. They kept me in recovery a couple hours to wake up. I was home in time for lunch.

Beck, I’m still sending my best thoughts for your recovery. :+1:

I believe the laser thing is the way to go. Today I feel hung over. I’ve been on pain meds for over a week. I don’t like being out of my head so much.
My pets think I’ve disowned them.
My helpers/nurses/meany heads are all on the job.
I downloaded a couple of books to read but I can’t keep re-reading the same sentence over and over. So tiring.
The lil’wrekker said she would read to me. She’s a sweetheart. Love that kid.

The Grandwrex are being good(kinda). I heard a scuffle outside my door earlier. The Mom’s are giving school lessons right now. So they are quiet.

Glad they are on the case. I’ll postpone my travel plans and hang my Nurse Rachett scrubs back up. I remain on call. I can also do Nurse Rachett Zoom-that would be the Zoom of Doom.

Had that problem for ages after my brain injuries. Finally became less frustrating when I read authors who were favorites and books of theirs that I’d read before. That way it was less work because I knew the author’s style and in many cases the on-going characters. Plus I already knew I would like his or her writing so it was a little more motivating. All I had to do was pick the books I no longer remembered “who done it”. That was surprising easy-they all run together after awhile.

Hope it keeps being at least bearable. My :crossed_fingers:t2: for the stone zapping Monday. I hear tell that there are few things more painful than a kidney stone and few things more of a relief than zapping one while under good drugs.

Get some good cuddles from your beasties. Betcha they’re concerned about you too. They sure have been posting a lot lately-they opened a whole new thread about their human. Turns out they can type pretty fast with four paws. Pretty darn entertaining-who knew you drooled on your pillow while napping or called out old paramours’ names during drug addled dreams.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. That leaves it wide open. That includes writing on your tummy in Sharpie something impertinent for the docs to find Monday* (even the the phone number of a well-known local malpractice defense attorney). Lots of fun to be had with that.


I hope you feel better soon. {{{Beck}}}

Yikes! No WONDER you were in so much pain! Do you still have the infection? Is that why the wait until Monday to get it outta there?

Big air hugs!

@BippityBoppityBoo, you’re a card.
Thanks Sunny.
@nelliebly, yes e—xactly.

glad to hear that it’s something less serious

I got a message from @DorkVader.
I’ve not abandoned you all.

I’m either crazy on the ‘goof-balls’ pain meds
Or asleep.
I don’t trust myself to not embarrass myself. So I’m not posting much.

It’s a hard time.
Thx for all your kind words and virtual hugs.

I just love this place.
And, I love you all.

b. Stoned in South Arkansas!!

Hang in there Beck!

And that was an entirely coherent post you just made. Not that you need to be coherent to post here – you certainly don’t.

Certainly not. Most of the rest of us aren’t. ‘Tis the source of our charm and appeal.

Hoping you are kept comfortable by the pills. Sounds like you have good folks taking care of you and all of us caring about you.

{{{Beck}}}. There’s lots more where those {{{ }}} came from.


Aw shucks. I wasn’t trying to get Beck to come on here and post. I’m too selfish for that, I was just a little worried is all cause, well cause she’s Bubbly Beckdawrek.

Hugs and good vibes for you, StonedBeck!

It’s ok, @DorkVader.
When I’m out of the effects of the meds my mind is not at all sharp. I’d forget to breathe if Bayliss didn’t snore so loud. Him and Mr.Wrekker run a sawmill every night. Normally I would go downstairs and read but my legs are weak and shaky. I’m not allowed.
So the buzz saws in the dark of night are somewhat comforting.

A strange thing is happening to me. I sit up in bed and continue to sleep. My head hanging low. The lil’wrekker says she’s lain me down several times. I have no memory of it. So she’s taking pix, to prove it true.
Don’t worry, My loverly all hours nursing service(kids) have eyes on me.
I can’t even find much alone time to do my Sooper seekrit’ stuff. Drat! Not that I could even complete an order on Amazon without drifting off.

Oh, and I’m having the MOST lucid dreams. It’s crazy. I wake up with memories that aren’t real. How am I gonna distinguish between real lost memory and false lost memory when I’m suffering senility in my dotage? This is a conundrum. Hmmm? I’ll think about it tomorrow. Yep, that’s what I’ll do.

I’m still in a moderate amount of pain but it’s manageable.
Looking forward to Monday.