Bad, bad, bad Beck has once again arisen from the depths. (My latest travails in healthcare)

It’s the full blown and coherent conversations you have while in that state ya gotta worry about.

Best wishes Beck, get wellest

I’ll piggyback onto that-‘get wellest soonest swellest Beck!’

Maybe she’ll get Taco Bell tomorrow.

Now she can ride with the breeze.

I lived through the laser thingy.
It was deemed successful.
Dang it, tho.
I was out of it most of yesterday. I’m 100% better today.
I’m up and moving around. A little gingerly, but moving.

Thanks for all the virtual hugs and well wishes
Love you guys!so…@Cecil_Adams…your turn😁

Enormous sigh of relief and celebration from afar! Sure is nice to have our Beck back.
Now, quick, get up to some no good and rush back here to regale all of us about every detail.


Great news, Beck! Hope to see more of you around here!


It is great to have you back! We have been worried

I was wondering what had happened to you Beck. I still have difficulties with this new board and thought maybe I’d missed something you’d posted. I’m sorry what I missed wasn’t good news at all.

Here’s to a complete recovery and many new posts here.

Didja get to keep the stone?

Mount it in a purdy ring!


Outstanding! I’m so glad that you’re on the mend.

Best thing about a kidney stone is not having it anymore. OTOH, some people like those drugs.

Glad that sucker is gone! I shall hum, “Like a Rolling Stone” in Lefty’s honor. You rest up and get some puppy therapy.

Glad to know the happy news Beck

Ewwww! @VOW.
I like my ‘purdy’ sparklies to come out of the ground, not my guts.

I had several kidney stones when I was in my 20s (until I learned to drink more water). I kept one of them for a while – it was like a jagged little asteroid. No wonder it hurt like a mofo.

more hugs for the Beck


That is good, good, good.

For you, friend Beck:

Not long ago, Beck sang the blues,
Because she had no happy news,
It had to do with a kidney stone.

I closely watched the Bad Bad thread,
Some days with hope, some days with dread,
But the news about Beck remained unknown.

And on the boards, the Dopers wrote,
From their locations, all remote,
About how we hoped to discover,
That friend Beck would recover.

And of the things I admire most:
I like to see a good news post,
I’m so glad she was diagnosed,
And today, the kidney stone passed.

And now we’re singing,
Bye, bye, kidney stone, you don’t last,
Beck’s in pain while you remain, but your time has now passed.
And Dopers now can all raise a glass,
Singing, "This is the day the stone passed–
This is the day the stone passed."

Enjoy, Beck! And I hope that you recover fully soon, and can rejoin us more frequently.

Thank you @Spoons, nice !!

I got outdoors with the dogs this morning I wasn’t able to walk them far. But it felt good to be out roaming around a bit.
I’ve had no more pain.
Mr.W went back to the Lakehouse. Things are calmer around here.
The Siamese are not ignoring me any more. But one of them hacked up a hairball on my bathroom rug. I found it the old fashioned way, yep! Stepped on it. Yuk!

Bayliss, Betsy and the Chihuahuas are happy I’m up and about.

So, so happy this episode is behind me.

Thanks again for all you guys well-wishes. Makes an old Arky girl happy to have you for friends.

Love you much.

She’s on her feet! She got outside!

Very good news. Thanks so much, Beck; we sure do need some.