Dear Pancho: (My sick, sick, sick right kidney) Let's talk!

Yes, Pancho. I get it. You’re sick and disgusted. But, you gotta go.
In what promises to be a HUGE media (:))event, you’re outta here.
You’re down to hours. It’s over big boy.

So why are you paining me, tonight? Is this one last stand? Are you seeking revenge?
I’m sorry. People with higher educations and fancier cars, than you, are cutting your butt out. You can’t hide from them. They have sharp knives and lots of chemicals. They know how to use them.They SO know where you live.

Oh, and that little rash you’ve sent to my right rib cage isn’t gonna stop the surgery. It’s a tiny little thing. It barely itches. No good.

Give it up man. You created havoc in my body and life too long.
The Brain and the Heart agree with me. No use trying to scare me through them. Won’t work.

You don’t know DIL, you give her any more trouble and she’s liable to scoop you out with a grapefruit spoon on the kitchen island.

Good-bye Pancho. And good riddance.

Your host:

Oh, yeah. I’m calling your eviction day ‘Super Tuesday’
I wonder how the media got ahold of that tidbit? :smiley:

Do you have the kidney and mason jar of Everclear at the ready?

I do ~VOW ready to go.
I’m so looking foward to it. For one thing it will mean the hard part is over. And fun as well.

Sending my best thoughts for Panchos successful eviction.

Get well soon and I’m looking forward to your posts afterwards.

Please tell me the other one is named Lefty. After Tuesday, he will be.

Good luck!

Yes, yes. He’s Lefty.
Pancho needs your prayers it’s true
Save a few for Lefty too…

in honor of the moment :

I’m wishing you only the very best, and a recovery that is quick, and as painless as possible!


Get well soon friend Becky, and come back to us safe

Be Well my Friend.

I shall cook up a mess o’beans this weekend so that I may symbolically grok your pain with you.

Drink Water

My best wishes, Beck.


Damn! That kitchen island sure sees a lot of action!

Thinking of you, Beck, hope all turns out well. Hugs!

That is some fine writing.

May everything go smoothly for you, Beck.

Looking forward to hearing what’s Bad, Bad, Bad about your convalescence process; may it be mostly ‘The cats are looking at me funny and DIL is hovering!’.

Best of luck to you and Lefty, Beck!

Best wishes, Beck.

Prayers, and positive healing thoughts, for you, Beck. Super Tuesday, for certain!


Pancho, as kidneys go, you’re much more like an asshole, and it’s time to be going. Hit the road, adios.