Bad, bad, bad CNA Ivy might own a cat

She’s been at my house since before Thanksgiving. Being a general General and keeping me alive.

Her house is in the same town where I have dialysis. She’s having it worked on while she’s out of there. So we go often and check on things.

Yesterday it was raining but we went anyway. We walked through and she opens the back door.
I heard “meow”
I exclaimed “there’s a cat!”

Ivy, you old dog. You were holding out on me. She stated it was NOT hers.

She asked me what to do. I told her to buy cat food and various other needed equipment and stuffs.
And call the vet for shots.

I thought she was gonna die.
I went out and petted the cat. It was a very sweet female black and white speckled-y. Very pretty.
I ask if she had any tuna. And a paper plate. I dumped the tuna on the plate. Rinsed the can and put water in it.

Ivy was concerned I was convincing the cat to stay in her porch. I said: "Oh, no. That’s not how it works, at all.":thinking:

I noticed a few things. Looks like her workmen have been feeding the cat. Uh oh. Not telling her that.

She’s mortified, but I think Ivy has a cat now.
Must think of names.:hugs:

I hope our new baby is warm tonight. There was a box of old clothes out there.

Holly, of course.

That’s good. Might be the one.

I ran the name ‘Holly’ by Ivy.

She said ‘Dammit’

I told her she’s was not naming her cat ‘Dammit’

Beck, how can you do that with a straight face?

– the people who originally took in my current Senior Cat knew so little about cats that they thought the young tom with distinctly visible balls was female. But even they weren’t surprised that the starving kitten they’d fed two cans of tuna was still there the next day!

I hope Ivy (or possibly Beck) has only acquired one cat.

I sent Son-of-a-wrek with a carrier to pick the cat up and visit the vet.

Ivy hates me now.

He reported the vet said the cat was spayed. Not much underweight and seemingly healthy.
Got a shot and back to Ivy’s house.

The workmen told him the cat has been there off and on for a couple of months. They believed it came from an empty house.
That just chaffs me. Why do people do that?

I told Ivy we have stuff to buy. We’re going shopping after dialysis this evening.

She’s not happy. Maybe I’ll get her a box-set of ‘Rawhide’ reruns. (Do they still make those?)
She loves ‘Rawhide’

She was not amused.

Complete series on DVD on Amazon.

If Ivy really doesn’t want a cat, it’s not kind to either her or the cat to inflict one on her.

The question, of course, is: does Ivy really not want a cat, or is she still insufficiently used to them, despite her time with Beck?

What can I say?
The cat chooses the person.:relieved:
I had nothing to do with the event. As great as I am. :hugs:
I’m just helping with the cats needs.

No, seriously I could find this cat a home in about 5 minutes. And I’ll do it if she just can’t have a porch cat in her life.

I do wanna wait awhile. It may truly live on the next street and is just trolling for free meals.

Beck, you are the trickiest of tricksters.

I do agree with @thorny_locust though. I hope the cat has a home or that one of the workers ends up laying claim to it. Maybe, if Ivy ever gets back in her own home (I kinda hope not), she will discover she is lonesome for cats. But for now, the workers should not let the cat inside.

Surely workmen wouldn’t do that. They know it’s not hers.
I would get so mad if a hired person let a strange animal inside my house.

I really think it belongs nearby and is just roaming. Unless, abandoned. We’ll see.

I lost a cat due to a worker’s opening the window of the room the cats were in. So I don’t trust them to not inadvertently cause an issue. The workers were painting as previous owners were heavy smokers.

The cat, new to me and previously feral, got out of the pet cage, jumped up to the window sash, climbed to the top and worked her way down between the screen and the glass until the screen tore and she was free. I never saw her again.

The backstory is that I received her and a kitten from a racing friend who was dying of cancer. He was worried about ‘his’ cats and I offered to take them in. Well, the cats turned out to be pretty feral because they’d been dumped at the side of the highway outside of his tiny community (grrrr!) but some thought well enough of him and his gentle ways to make friends and stay with him in the winter. He always put out some food and water and he enjoyed watching them hunt. There were about 5 all together and he was able to capture two to rehome them with me.

I didn’t know this whole backstory until the day I came to pick up the cats. When I did get them, I promised him that if they were unhappy with my home, I would find them a place to live. This cat though, she hated me for being forced indoors and into a cage at that as my home wasn’t quite ready. Unfortunately though, I couldn’t leave it for longer as my friend was getting sicker by the day. After she escaped, all I could do was pray for her wellness. She was about 7-8 years old and fixed.

The other kitty went on to father a batch of kittens at 6 months old (teenage romance) and I eventually placed him with a family that was buying a hobby farm. He loved roaming and mousing and my condo was too small for him. He is very happy where he is now, and has a young boy as his person. I couldn’t ask for more. One of my current cats is his progeny, the other cat is the girl he knocked up.

I’m gonna read them the riot act.
If she belongs somewhere she’ll go home or they’ll find her. That can’t happen if she’s inside someone else’s place.
If she’s truly homeless I’ll either help Ivy tend to her or find her a home.

I have more bucket beds in the garage. Just sayin’

BTW, I think I invented the 5 gallon bucket bed, for small mammals. Clarence the possum showed me it was a thing that could work.

Dammit is a cool name!

Yeah, but she has church ladies next door. I know her. She wouldn’t want to shock them, calling the cat.

May I suggest Holly Lu Ya?

Oh, that’s good. And funny.

Why would you bother? Cats don’t come when you call.

I don’t know. People do.

“Here, kitty kitty”

Some do. When they feel like it. :slight_smile: