Bad, bad, bad ghost adventures. (or: that ghost ain't right)

As previously stated it’s been a noisy time here in the Ghostly convalescent ward.
I keep trying to justify it by saying pets are walking around or someone is up and downstairs.

Ivy, my loyal CNA has me on a baby monitor (along with other privacy eaters). She’s hearing things às well. She gets up and checks, she says. For someone whose afraid of small animals she’s awful non-chalant about ghostly emanations.:thinking:

Of course no one really believes me. They’re not lining up to stay all night in here, tho’. Chicken-livers.

The cats are my main observers. Bear the Siamese sees all and let’s me know. Loudly.
He’s not afraid, just pissed off. It’s a disturbance in his world. You don’t just disturb Bear. Payback is hell.

Just last night I was fixin’ to sleep. I flipped the TV off. I no-more got my pillow right and Bear hissed.
I looked up and his head and one foot were out of his cocoon bed. Pointed right at the ghost corner.
I told him I’d handle this. He gave me a non-committal meow and retreated.

So…I bravely(I believe) told the ghost, “I know who you are, I know where you stay. Don’t make me call a ghost eradicator. It’s bad for you, it’s expensive, so bad for me. But, I swear I’ll do it”
Hey, it worked. Slept all night.

Ivy said, “What if he’s still messing around just being quiet about it?”

Ummmm?!, That’s ok…

I think.:ghost:

Who ya gonna call?

You’re not gonna believe this but there’s this Voo-doo lady in the village.

I’m thinking she could do something about it. She scares the bejeebers out of living people (me included).
Feh! Ghosts? No problem.

It’s a long trip from New York City to Back-of-Beyond Arkansas, but you might want to call in these guys.

Hmmm? They look awful messy.

I hear they clean up nice, though.

Go, Ivy!


Well, at least the ghost listens to you, even if Ivy and the rest of the fam don’t.

I either missed this or have forgotten. Who’s the ghost?

Well, he’s “The Ghost”.
I assume he is the jerk who used to bring a wanton woman out here when it was a notorious gambling hide out in the 40s.
His wife found him and murdered him out here.

Yeah. I know. There’s been 2 murders on this land.(that’s all I know of) Why would I live here? You can ask Mr. Wrekker when he’s done fishing today.

The Ghost is not a really scary type. He doesn’t put his heart into it. You can’t get a good demon ghost, for love nor money, these days. It’s sad.

He just needs to let me sleep.

Think you can make him a deal? You’ll tell him a bedtime story, and he lets you sleep.

Hmmm? I’ll try that.

Did it work?

I just love these bad bad stories :slight_smile:

I told the ‘Ghost’ about the big bad wolf. Little Red Riding Hood was ‘Big Ghostly guy’.

He was not pleased.
Usually I can’t hear much in these log walls but I heard howling last night. It was probably Coyotes.

But still…

Oh, dear. Better not tell him about Peter and the Wolf, then.

I suggest sharing some of the practical jokes you and your family participate in. It might give him a good laugh.

Why is it always assumed that wolves are bad? That’s shameful anti-wolf stereotyping. :wink:
In reality, the Wolf is genetically almost identical to the noble Dog, all of whom are Very Good Boys as everyone knows. :dog: Yet we rarely read our children stories about a Good Wolf doing Good Deeds. No, they’re always huffing and puffing and blowing things down and eating grandmas, and we wolves are getting mighty sick of this calumny. Try telling the Ghost happy stories about good wolves. I’m sure he’ll appreciate your inclusive broadmindedness.

She could try a chapter or two of The Jungle Book. There are quite a few good, noble, brave wolves in it.