Bad, bad, bad Dillon the Villian is sent to doggy reform school

I’m kinda sad.
He’s unruly, murderous, a runner and totally untrainable.
But, hilarious.

I was sorta liking him like that. My Hobo chicken population was reduced to 2.
A few baby squirrels and barn rats were brutally murdered.
The barn rat killing is a plus. I could see him having a permanent position as head rat killer.

But…no. He was purchased to hunt by Mr.Wrekker. Hunt he must.
First things first. To hunt you kinda have to listen, hear and carry out specific behaviors. Dillon ain’t got no time for that foolishness. He just runs like a Tasmanian devil and does what he wants.
And, man he can run.
We’ve established he can run about 30mph.

So, Mr.W is in infinite wisdom found a guy who trains hunting dogs. He guarantees his work. What a dummy.

So Dillon has been boxed up in the back of the truck and has gone to jail.
Well, they had to stop and put him back in the box twice. A pad lock was added after the 2nd time.
Houdini ain’t got nuthin’ on Dillon.

I kinda miss the little shit. Bayliss has looked for him for 3 days.
I’m enjoying not picking up the latest thing he shredded on the deck, though.

Last night Son-of-a-wrek says the trainer called. Dillon bit him. So he’s muzzled for training.

I said quietly:(and kindly) Training is not working. In fact it’s harming Dillon.

I looked over at Mr.W and might have seen smoke coming out his ears.
Son says the guy hasn’t given up. Oh, well. What a dummy.

This morning bright and early going over to dialysis I received a message. Dillon has escaped from the jail.

I’d laugh if this guy didn’t live on a major highway.
Dillon’s on the lam.

That dog won’t do.

I’m waiting on an update. Son-of-a-wrek went over to help find him. I told him to go get Bayliss to help.

It seems like Dillon is part of the Beck critter tribe, which is well-known for wacky behavior, and has no interest in being a Good Dog.

Yeah. I’m just waiting on Big Wrek to give up.
Then Dillon will be my dog.

I wonder if Big Wrek will get a refund if Dillon flunks out?

I guess not. They guy did get bit.
Bandaids ain’t cheap.

I wonder if Dillon has imprinted on Clarence the possum, who gets to run wild because, well, he is wild.

Dillon has been found. No injuries after they determined the blood on him came from something else.

The trainer is not sure what to do about the dog. He’s put him in a more secure kennel. We’ll see.

Dillon can climb a ladder, I’ve seen him do it in the barn. A chainlink kennel won’t hold him unless it’s roofed.
I told Mr.Wrek to cut his losses and go get the dog. Pay the guys medical costs and hope he doesn’t sue us.

He’s not happy but I think Dillon will be home later today. I ordered a new kennel with a top. It’s big enough and we can supervise a long run everyday. Tired doggie=Happy dog.

Bayliss will be happy. Maybe his good behavior will rub off on Dillon.

Crossed fingers.

You shouldn’t have to pay anything, and should get your money back. The trainer was responsible for Dillon, and responsible for his own safety. If he felt he wasn’t up to the task, he shouldn’t’ve taken it on.

I transport rescue dogs for an English setter rescue. Some dogs just don’t hunt. My late setter, Pat, was left in the field and nearly starved, because he wasn’t birdy.

I’m glad he’s found and hope he comes home safe and sound. Mr. Wrek needs to accept Dillon’s limitations.


Dillon is home. Causing all manner of hyjinx.

That dog won’t do.

Did he come home on his own accord, or was he found on the lam by your State Trooper?

“Ain’t no jail can hold me!”
– Dillon, the Bird Dog of Alcatraz

Looks like Clarence and Bayliss are getting a playmate!

Thank you for this. It seems like every delivery person and passerby wanted to borrow my English setter to hunt. I had to keep telling people he was gun-shy. One shot, and he’d run back to the truck and hide under it, shaking like a leaf. I wondered if it had to do with the abuse he’d suffered before we adopted him, but I’d rather believe he was just a gentle soul. He’d bravely go into point, though, when fly landed on the fridge or a bee hovered over a snapdragon.

He was a wonderful dog. I miss him.

Bless you for the rescue work you do.

nelliebly - It’s a rewarding way to help animals. I can’t really foster - I’d get too attached, and I don’t want to upset the relationship of the 4 dogs I have currently. But with transport, I spend a few hours and some gas money and help a dog find their forever home. If you’re interested in volunteering, we have transports going all over.


OH, how I wish I could! Since I can’t drive due to vision issues, I’d only be able to walk dogs to wherever they’re going. I have a feeling that need doesn’t arise often. :slight_smile:

I have a friend in Rhode Island who works for a lab rescue organization. I’m always amazed and saddened by how many dogs are in kill shelters, often after owner abuse or abandonment. Louisiana seems to be the worst in this regard.

Saving dogs is such wonderful work. You’re a force for good.

As I said.
Dillon is home.
He’s calmer and less headstrong.

Son-of-a-wrek ran him this afternoon and reports the dog went in his kennel drank lots of water and got in his house to rest.

I have hope the little demon can be trained with enough exercise and patience.