Bad bad bad ebay sellers.

This isn’t a rant but more a request for information. For some odd reason I take a guilty in reading negative feedback profiles from ebay. This guy has some funny ones I like how the post office always loses his packages and how he doesn’t respond to emails. Any one else out there have this guilty pleasure? Want to share some particularly funny feedbacks?

i thought i was the only one who read the negative feedback just for giggles

Not the only one who reads them for fun. Post some links to particularly funny ones or people who have a good amount of them.

The best ones are the users who have actual negative numbers for their ratings.

To seller’s credit - I got a postcard today from California (to London) posted at the beginning of July. It’s now October… Maybe all his stuff is lost in post…

I wish I had the link…

I was scanning through some negatives last week, and evidently one guy signed up a bogus account just to bid and leave feedback.

After he would win an auction, he would immediately post feedback like this:

“Seller was rude, called me names and then offered to have sex with me! Avoid!”

“I tried to get a price total, and the guy tried to offer me a blowjob instead!”

I mean, it was unreal. Of course the sellers responses were like “WTF? This auction ended 5 minutes ago!”

The guy was NARU’d right quick, but not before leaving 4-5 bizarre feedbacks.

Here is the King of Feedback, check all the comments he has left:

The feedback he received isn’t bad either.

This guy has six feedbacks and a total rating of zero. Particularly comical is this feedback:

Mr. Notgonnabesellingmuch

HEHEHE These are great. I haven’t found anyone with a negative rating yet.

Anybody else reading the “King of Feedback’s” stuff reminded of the weird rantings printed inside the wrappers of Doc Bronners soap?

"Loins of Man meet Loins of Lady, together forming Loins of Baby. "

Fear Itself, that’s hysterical! It took me a while to figure out that his feedback was based on username, but once I got thiat, man.

Here’s my favorite:

Surreal. Funny.

Oh yeah, I recently won an auction against this person. 9 feedback instances, only one positive. Now that’s bad news.

How can you be “not a registered user” of eBay? If you have a name, doesn’t that mean you are registered?

You can ask ebay to un-register you, or ebay will un-register you themselves if enough people complain.

I know a seller who got un-registered by ebay under two different names for taking money and not sending anyone. Also ripped off quite a few people with non-ebay deals. Bad news he is.

Fear Itself - thanks for that link! I want to have that man’s babies.

I know of someone who’s had multiple ebay accounts as well as a fraudalent Titanic costume business.

Biggest loser ever.

Wait, you folks have found GOOD sellers on E-Bay???

I’ve given up on E-Bay altogether because every single experience I had with every single seller on the damned service was negative.

Maybe I just picked the bad ones, but I used E-Bay for almost three months and made roughly 30 purchases before I said “screw it” and left for good.

I’ve bought at least 60 items from 40 different sellers on Ebay and I’ve had NO problems whatsoever. You just have to look at people’s feedback and do your research. Never bid on an item until you’ve read EVERYTHING and investigated. Ask questions if you’re not clear on something. When you do this, it’s pretty easy to seperate the good sellers from the bad sellers.