Bad, bad, bad Prank night at the Wrek insane asylum...(and crazy hat night)

We combine our fun-ness to make it more fun!!

Wheee…here we go-
Mid-dau made her greatest ever baked Ziti.
Everytime she makes it Mr. Wrekker sez: “Why can’t we have American food sometimes?”
This tends to piss MD off.
Her plan is to have a plate of cold bologna and pork and beans ready to serve him.

Now…this may piss him off.
I told her he’s liable to throw the plate at her. It’s according to how many Cocktails he’s had.

So she dug up an old football helmet we had around here and has been wearing it all afternoon.
The Lil’Wrekker came home and went and found her a tiara and veil. She’s sporting that.
I have a tasteful black beret, I look good!!:face_with_hand_over_mouth:
The kids are in all manner of knit caps and hunting things with the ear flaps.

I can wait to see what Son-of-a-wrek comes up with. He always out does us all.
Although, the football helmet is hilarious. He’s gonna have to dig deep on this one.

Bayliss even has a birthday hat on. Well, I keep putting it back on him. He’s not really into the thing. At. All.

Let the frivolity begin!

There is a couple, with whom I’m friends, in which, at least early in their relationship, the husband had the food preferences of a 9-year-old.

At their wedding reception, when everyone else was being served a dinner of chicken or steak, the waitress brought out a special dinner for the groom, which had been selected for him by his new wife: Spaghetti-Os and Oscar Mayer Bologna. He was thrilled, as it was his very favorite meal.

Big Wrek eats both bologna and pork and beans
Alot. You might say.

But he’s gonna realize she’s pranked him.

Oh, man. I love spaghetti-os

I am shocked…shocked…to not learn that the Meezers were wearing hats.

They are actually kinda freaked out. I look up at their perch in the beams and they look worried.
I suspect they are planning to run away from home, cause we’re all bonkers.

Oh, oh one of the kids found a blue cowboy hat. That’s Mr. Wrekkers hat for tonight. It’s sitting in his chair.

The bonkers thing is not a new development; what’s kept them from running away so far? :wink:

So true.
They like feeling superior, I guess. And I got the good treats.

I think you need to install a camera so we can see what goes on in your home. Kinda like nesting cameras that are on 24/7.

Truthfully, your family’s shenanigans could almost be my family shenanigans. T’day coming up. I wonder what it will bring.

Mr. Wrekker was not amused.

Son-of-a-wrek wore his prized molded plastic razorback hog head hat.

Hamza wore a red and white checked dish towel. It’s ok he’s not being disrespectful, he’s Muslim.

I was just happy no one thought of a white sheet.

The Ziti was great, as usual.

DIL wouldn’t wear a hat. She’s a party pooper.

What is “American food”? If Mr Wrekker is a culinary purist, he must mean the food that real indigenous Americans ate before the Europeans invaded.and polluted their diet with things like ziti and Chef Boyardee Spaghetti-Os. (I ask you: what kind of American name is “Boyardee”? Actually, the correct spelling of the real person was Hector Boiardi, an Italian immigrant and thus not “American”, either).

So if Mr Wrekker wants “American” food, I say he should get it, cooked in the authentic American style. Some suggestions: You should always have on hand walrus, bearded seal, grouse, ptarmigan, buffalo, squirrel, opossum (sorry, Clarence) and raccoon. And of course pemmican, made from dried buffalo meat that’s been sitting in the sun for about a month and pounded together with rendered buffalo fat. On special occasions you could make Mr Wrekker a real gourmet American treat, like freshly boiled buffalo stomach lining made into tripe soup, thickened with brains, accompanied by roasted intestines. For a real feast, this should be accompanied by sides of maize and perhaps a bit of bird brain stew, or stink fish, fish heads which have been buried in the ground until sufficiently stinky. You can’t get more authentically American than that!

More ideas here:

Would you mind if I let him read your post?

The sound of Boiled Bison Belly soup makes me wanna heave my green smoothie.

This whole thing begs a question.
Am I wrong? The native American has been accused of eating dog meat.
Were these dogs used otherwise?
Did they have access to friendly dogs(other than wolfs and coyotes)? Or did the white man bring dogs to the Americas?

Mr.Wrekkers new squirrel dog is a Carolina Cur. If you believe the internet these were the only indigenous American ‘dog’. Sort of a American Dingo, or something. They purposly do not say Canine in the articles.

We acquired 6’6" tall Victor (& some friends) when Lord & Taylor went out of business. Victor doesn’t reside with me but it’s amazing how much he seems to move around behind various (bedroom or bathroom) doors when I go to her house.

Nah, dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years longer than people have been in North America. Per Wiki:

Genetic studies suggest a domestication process commencing over 25,000 years ago, in one or several wolf populations in either Europe, the high Arctic, or eastern Asia.[10] In 2021, a literature review of the current evidence [infers]*(Inference - Wikipedia) that the dog was domesticated in Siberia 23,000 years ago by ancient North Siberians, then later dispersed eastward into the Americas and westward across Eurasia.[21]

I like to think that dogs drove human evolution the same way we drove theirs.

Dogs have been on this continent for at least ten thousand years; quite possibly longer.

They were used for everything from hunting to draft animals, and a lot of things besides; and yes, sometimes for food. Different tribes undoubtedly had different customs.

The native dogs got wiped out pretty much entirely by the Columbian invasion, and replaced by dogs of European origin. Modern studies find maybe 4% of their genetics surviving.

A couple of cites out of lots of possibilities (note some discrepancies between them):

Color my ignorance fought!!

Y’all so itelligent.
Wait til I tell Me. W, his expensive, pure bred Carolina Cur is a fake.

I always knew he was a mutt. :flushed:

Not to mention the dog is totally untrainable. He’s comical tho’.

Article on squirrel dogs:

What I will say, thouigh, is that many (not all) such dogs are not exactly the brightest of breeds, so “untrainable” sounds quite plausible. Like this squirrel dog, called a “treeing cur”:

I ask you, is that the face of an intelligent dog?*

* - No.

Now, if you take a truly intelligent dog like me, a Bernese Mountain Dog, why,.we just get along with everybody, just as friendly as can be. Including squirrels, y’all:

Awwww. That’s so sweet.

Dillon the demon looks most like the Kemmer cur in your article.

This is so fascinating. So the article says the indigenous dog population was descended from Siberian domesticated dogs. But whence the Siberian dogs? I found another article that said they were descendants of a species of grey wolf now extinct. And THAT article had this wonderful quotation from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Character of Dogs”:

“The dog, with one eye ever on the audience, has been wheedled into slavery, and praised and patted into the renunciation of his nature. Once he ceased hunting and became man’s plate-licker, the Rubicon was crossed.”

Don’t you love it?

P.S. Is it weird I want to give the dog in the Smithsonian photo scritches? He (or she) looks like he was a Very Good Dog.