Bad, Bad, Pussies

I found out what my cats do during the day when no one is home. They are N-A-U-G-H-T-Y!

I had an appointment this morning so I was the last to leave. I took advantage of the situation and slept in. As I was sleeping, I heard what sounded like a stampede running up and down my hallway. It was the cats chasing each other to wrestle. Next thing I hear is the garbage tipping over and more scuffling in the kitchen. I get out of bed and walk into the kitchen. There, ON THE CUPBOARD is Dottie and there, licking a soup can that she TIPPED OUT OF THE GARBAGE is Baby Girl!!! The two of them got the “oh shit” look on their faces then tore down the hallway like bats from hell. They hid under my son’s bed until I left.

WTF? They NEVER do that when we are home. NEVER EVER!

This is news to you? It isn’t just the mice that play when mom’s away. Kitties are supposed to be all stealthy but they can make a hell of racket when they’re playing.

You let them watch too much tv…that stupid commercial where the lying dog framed the cat with an instamatic…hey, do you have a dog?

They actually do this same routine everyday. You just suprised em before they could pick up the garbage can, put the tin cans back in and cleverly wipe off any incriminating paw prints. :smiley:

Hey! here’s an idea to show em who’s boss! Get a couple of the clear plastic balls that they use to let gerbils run around in, put em in these and presto! well behaved kitties!
No jumping on counters or digging in the garbage. And they will be SOOO happy to see you at night!

An ex-roommate of mine actually did this, sort of. She put her gerbil in the plastic ball and the cats spent all day chasing the gerbil that they did not have time to cause any real trouble. Of course, once the gerbil realized he was impervious to cat attacks he would spend some time chasing and crashing into the cats.

No dog, but now I know why Nigel (the ferret) pounces on the kitties the minute we let him out of the cage at night. He may be in his cage pretending to be asleep in his little hammock, but he knows what goes on during the day when no one is home.

I’m still in shock! The “girls” are always so well-behaved when mom is home. I wonder if they are still hiding under the bed since this morning when they got busted.

That sounds cool, but didn’t they slap the snot out ofhis ball and send him bouncing off the furniture?

Our cats are terrified of Willis (our rat) whenever we put him in his ball. I don’t think they realize what is inside. . . or maybe they are just wussies. I dunno.

Our cats aren’t necessarily bad, though while I was drinking coffee today one of the four, who has a little less brain than the others, tried to eat a button on a cushion. He also doesn’t seem to be sure that his tail belongs to him, and is continually nipping at it.

I’m afraid one day he’ll get it and start to swallow it, ant turn himself inside out.

What? Cats? Oh! Um… nevermind…

[sup]Someone had to say it![/sup]

Hehehe…mine are ALWAYS misbehaving. Whether we’re watching or not.

We have two cats.

The girl likes to throw up in the fringe of our various oriental rugs.

The boy likes to spray/pee on things. The other day he waited until my mom was getting dressed, then ran into the bathroom and peed in the vent. It was a hit in run, and he was banished to the outside for the rest of the day.

Let me be the first of a gazillion people to suggest you get your cats fixed.