Bad logic...

“If (g)od had meant for man to fly, he would have given him wings…”

Perhaps if god had wanted man to succede, he should not have given him a brain. Seems to me all it does is spin us around in dizzy little circles.

…but at least the sceenery is nice :slight_smile:

In the story I’ve heard, man stole the brain, or at least the knowledge that fills it. Here’s another: “If God had intended man to post misspelled missives, he would not have invented spell checkers.” It could be genetic though. Your parents couldn’t even spell Alan correctly.

Oh, relax. This is the BBQ pit after all.

At least his parents didn’t give him two first names.

Hey Sly! You have the same middle name as Kermit T. Frog!

Hey, I’m slythe, not sly!
Wait, that didn’t come out right…


Ahem, indeed. First of all, my parents only gave me one first name. It is traditional in my family for a newborn child to take the last name of his/her father. I thought that was common, but you seem to have never heard of it.

Furthermore, “Charles” is only used as a first name by madmen (e.g. Charles Manson) and other blots on human existence (e.g. Charles Nelson Reilly, (Prince) Charles Windsor). On the other hand people using Charles as a last name include musical genius, Ray Charles, “Cheers” producers, Glen and Les Charles, sci-fi author Kate Charles, hardboiled fictional detective Nick Charles, and of course, me. I hope that puts the issue to rest.

That’s the way that it is on this bitch of an earth."
– Pozzo, Waiting For Godot

Now THAT’S sly!

…but if I had known that you could not understand my syntax, I would have misspelled ye more symple words.

Isn’t it odd that the Man of the Bible had to steal the knowledge and wisdom from his God?

What does this say of the god?

“…but the god let him keep it…with the price of his home, and his innocence…”

“Come, let us converse, let us sing a song together…”

And the men created their gods from what they had seen…

…the god of the bible was an upstart. First, he commanded his followers to stop killing each other, so there would be more men to sign up come war time…

…then, feeling the pressures of belief and success, he commanded his people ‘to worship no god over Me.’ He also gave himself the illustrious capitalization, as all pronouns were now simple extensions of Himself…

“…and the Godde built for himself a shell of prayer and doctrine and order so that he may never make his people shift their faith…he wills himself into the structure, so that he alone will be worshiped, and so that no individual may recieve glory greater than his own…and so in the structure, in the god come to earth, his people may believe, and will always believe…in the structure…”

ad hominim argmentum…

“And if you cannot attack his arguments, then attack the man…”

Post script.

There is nothing wrong with the spelling of my middle name.

And like skipping stones, we prace along
describing a gentle arc
Until our mass does sink us
sends us to the bottom, to drift along in silence
find yon distant shore

Where we again may find ourselves
tossed, out to sea…

Allan? One of the “and more…” doesn’t happened to be named Sybil, does she? There’s a med for that now.


I think someone needs to find a public bathroom somewhere and wile away the hours with a felt-tipped pen.

I’m happy you’re happy…

“…There, do you feel better now?..”