Bad news from nightclub in Chicagp


I just saw it on the news here. How awful.

I read about this in the paper this morning, it is awful. My thoughts and prayers go to the families of the decesaed and to those who were injured.

Oh, my goodness. :frowning:

What sheer idiocy, and what a horrible way to die.

It reminds me of this incident in Volendam two years ago.

Pregnant woman? 3:00 am on a Monday? Sounds like a bunch of upstanding citizens to me:rolleyes:

Bet they were celebrating Presidents’ Day, huh?

I turned on the news while getting ready to go to work this morning (at a major hospital here), and hear the part about how many dead and wounded, and a list of the hospitals they were brought to, my workplace included. (I don’t work in the ER.) Perhaps surprisingly, I didn’t automatically think “terrorist incident”; instead I wondered if there was some huge highway pileup, like the kind that killed Qadgop the Mercotan’s neighbors last year in Wisconsin.

Here’s another report on it; witnesses interviewed for that story say that security there were the ones who sprayed the Mace.

What Longmos said.

Lord knows pregnant women shouldn’t have a life. Imagine that. Being pregant in a place where alcohol is served.

You know, a heck of a lot of people do have the day off. How does going out dancing late mean that you’re automatically of poor moral character?

Security sprayed mace in a crowded disco! For fuck’s sake, how dumb can you get? :mad:

the Security sprayed mace? Sweet jesus, what a bad idea.

According to reports so far, at least. :mad: If it’s true, that’s yet another thing going on the list of fines and lawsuits that’ll be forthcoming, I’m sure. Locking up other exits was a bad idea just by itself.

Godspeed to all of the victims…I don’t think that I could possibly imagine a more horrible death than being trampled underfoot.

Sometimes I weep for humanity.

I can’t imagine how horrible being there must have been – my heart and thoughts go out to the injured and the families of the deceased.

I’m sure the child will congratulate her someday for putting herself first and having a good time. That is, if it ever manages to be born.

I wonder how much mace was sprayed. Was the entire nightclub (I assume it’s a large club if it had 1500 people) affected? Are the effects of mace so unbearable that one must stampede to an exit?


Right, because she totally expected to be fucking MACED AND TRAMPLED while dancing. I know that’s one of the things I account for when I go downtown to take in a revue at Chez Mado, right up there with alien invasion and the Rapture. :wally

This sounds like one of those stories out of the Third World. You know: Overloaded bus crash, hotel collapse, soccer riot, nightclub fire.

Oh wait, it was the South Side of Chicago…:wink:

Longmos, what’s your problem?? Really - I would like to know. 21 people are dead. Why do you feel a need to bait people here?

Funny, back in the day, lots of women drank (and smoked :eek: ) while pregnant. You’re right, though, because mankind died out as a species back then, didn’t it?

Oh, just saw his/her other reply in preview.


Oh for fuck sake. I suppose you’ll just put pregnant women in plastic bubbles and away from any possible source of distress. Look, life dosent work out like that. And an occasional drink and night out sure isn’t going to harm the child. Everything in moderation.