Bad Poetry thread

Post your bad poetry here, intentional or not.

There once was a dark lord named Stan
He lived in a thorn castle that he ran
The day he rescued me from the horrible light
My mom was making spaghetti, asking if it was alright
“No!”, I shrieked, “No, spaghetti makes my black coal soul ache!”
“I can’t do these anymore, it’s all very too much for me to take!”
With that cry worthy of a Fury, my black wings emerged in a hurry
Screamed and screamed, then ate my family, cooked up a nice curry
A knock on the door, a concerned neighbour, then I ate Mr. O’Murray
A rain of fire came across the sky, the coming of stan to be nigh
“They served pasta again” I said, “they know that shit makes me cry!”
That was the start of our wonderful relationship, which mainly involved pillaging the countryside with blades formed from our mutual hatred of the world and people.

There once was this guy from Nantucket
Who was sad because his home town constantly invited parody in limerick form.
So one day he snapped and killed everybody.

It was supposed to be bad, right?

Your wife is quite hairy,
Mr. Palmieri.
I know Mr. Hornung,
She shaves every morning.
She doesn’t have peach fuzz,
Like your lovely wife does.
But her rump is not calloused,
And she hasn’t a phallus.

I am so alone
Alone Alone Alone
Who can know my pain?
I feel so alone
Because I am

All around me
Mindless laughter
While within I weep
For lo, I am a 10,000 year old god
Trapped in the body of a teenager
Oh, the mortification