Bad Sneakers, and a Pina Colada - Steely Dan lyrics question)

Bad Sneakers opens:

Five names that I can hardly stand to hear, including yours and mine and one more chimp who isn’t here, I can see the ladies talking, How the times are getting hard, And that fearsome excavation, On Magnolia Boulevard.

So we have three names (Yours, Mine, Some Other Chimp).

What are the other 2 names? The only things in the song that might fit are “Bad Sneakers” and “Pina Colada” (my friend), but that doesn’t seem to fit for me.

Anyone know?

Pst. You’re crazy.


Yeah, but I got this image to maintain, you know?

I take it you don’t know the answer :stuck_out_tongue:

Granted the lyrics are pretty random and pointless but, why lead off with “5 names I can hardly stand to hear,” if you’re not going to list all 5?

Yeah, okay. Crazy it is.

I do see your point. And no, I duz not know the answer (though I do love the song).

And yes you are ka-raaaaazay. :cool:

I’m going insane. And I’m laughing at the frozen rain.

And I have this $#@! song stuck in my head now.

Just don’t get “The Fez” stuck in your head. Can lead to criminal dementia.

*And I’m never gonna DO IT without The Fez on…

oh no*
That one. Like I said, you don’t wanna. . . uh oh.

You, my friend, are anything but a holy man.


I’ve never seen the prinited lyric sheet, but are you sure it is "one more chimp " and not "one more chick ?

I looked at 2 different lyric sites (no links, lyric sites are just pop-up hell for some reason…) and both had “chimp”.

I have no idea, I just want to let you all know that I spent many happy hours perusing this website:

There are some far out (in a cool way) interpretations of all the Dan’s lyrics there. I highly recommend it.

Dang, now I wants to listen to some Dan.

This certainly ain’t definitive, but my personal interpretation of “Bad Sneakers” has always been that the narrator is a small-time drug dealer who impulsively decided to rip off his supplier in some way and is now hiding out 'cause he knows he’s got a price on his head. If so, of the names he can’t stand to hear, “Yours and mine” are the narrator and whoever (a trusted friend?) he’s telling his sad story to, the “chimp who isn’t here” is the aggrieved supplier, and the other two names are the Chimp’s goons, acting as hitter and backup.

But, hey, shoot the whole idea down if you want; I’m not married to it.

'Cause it’s not technical writing, it’s song writing.

I never picked up a drug dealer reference in that song. It just sounds to me like he’s walking around mid-town Manhattan with nothing special to do, listening to the radio.

And I always wondered why is that fellow wearing that white tuxedo on the street?

Perhaps ex-band-members Jeff Baxter and Michael McDonald?