badastronomy <=> badmedicine etc

I know there’s a bad astronomy website that examines movies and television… is there a similar site for bad medicine? There are a ton of medical shows (I know there is one specifically for House, but I’m wondering about something more expansive). How about a site for bad lawyering for all the lawyer shows or bad forensics for all the CSI shows?

I also have a more specific question - often, in either medical shows, or shows with a specific medical plotline, a patient will be in surgery, and seem perfectly fine, and suddenly with no warning, their vital go into anarchy. Is this even remotely plausible? I would think that vitals would only get wonky if they had already gradually worked their way there. It doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that would be a surprise, assuming no major surgical milestone.
This probably isn’t what you’re looking for but it’s a really good site.


I would think qualifies. It is a fascinating site to just go and read, but you can look up specific stuff as well.

I think most of the people here on the dope are the sort that read informational sites for the fun of it =)

The OP specifically asked about bad medicine in the context of how it is presented on TV and film. Quackwatch isn’t remotely relevant in that context.

my bad, although I plead my case in that tv and movies get lots of stuff wrong … by various medical practices being portrayed as working … =) as lorenzos oil, or other sobfest movies about diseases and how peopl etook care of them …

It’s not a general “bad medicine” site, but there’s a doctor who reviews episodes of House as well as Fringe for both the accuracy of medical references and quality of the plot.

Phooey. That’s what I came to recommend. I now enjoy it more than the actual episodes.