Badger, Badger, Unto The Next Generation

I think I made a mistake…

I introduced my 7 year old and 3 year old boys to “Badger, Badger, Mushroom”, and it was a big hit. 7 year old even started doing the badger dance, and invented a nifty “mushroom” pose to add to it, too.

Tonight I put the three year old to bed, and all was silent. Getting the 7 year old ready for bed half an hour later, the kid starts doing his badger dance.

Suddenly, at exactly the right point in the dance, this little voice comes from the bedroom…

Oh, man, that was a mistake. You’ll NEVER hear the end of it. And when you get sick of it, they’ll do it MORE, cause then it’ll be funnier!

What is this “Badger, Badger” of which you speak? Or have I completely missed one of those insanely long threads about an in joke here on the boards?

Here, have fun.

And don’t forget to wait until the end for the big finish. :smiley:

That’s just eeeevil…pure eeeevil…

…I wonder how long Aries28 will let it run?

Not long, since you spoiled it DirkGntly. Methinks we are being wooshed by Aries28.

Anyway, 3 and 7 year olds exposed to badger, badger. Wow. You must think such things through! A commitee must be consulted. We may never hear the end of it now. I’ll be preparing my cabin in the secluded woods, just in case.

Here, this will help you get it out of your head.

My God. Do people actually get paid to do this sort of thing?

Well, Chavardz, I’m afraid I’m guilty of corrupting my young’uns, too…so I couldn’t let the evil go interminably.

I have a girl/boy/girl, 12/10/5 and they love the badger-badger-mushroom song/dance. My 5-yr-old, in particular, thinks badger/mushroom is fantastic. In fact, we’ve invented a tickle game out of it:
I’ll lightly poke her in the ribs to each “badger, badger,” then grab her by the knee and tickle her knee on the “mushroom” part. After that, I go back to the “badger, badger.” For the “SNAAAAKE” part, I crook my finger and tickle her belly-button. She thinks it’s a riot…

  • Dirk

Yep, the three year old LOVES Captain Scampi. He calls it “Daddy”!

I think the folks that create these oh, so musical 'toons do so out of sheer malice and hate for their fellow man. The kiddies love 'em and won’t ever stop replaying 'em, even when they have to go to bed. It’s a vicious cycle!!!

I like Mr. Stabby, though. I live vicariously through Mr. Stabby.