BADs: How many oysters can you eat at once?

pugluvr has yet to reach her capacity in the oyster eating department, but tomorrow she’ll find out. Tomorrow, 4/20, Berkeley’s Kermit Lynch wine store will hold an oyster-devouring event in their parking lot. “Mountains” of oysters will be opened for the masses; the wine store will supply chilled white bordeaux to wash them down, and the little cafe next door will grill French sausages on the 'cue to accompany everything. I don’t know how much they charge, but I don’t care. Mr. Pug and I will be there at 11, when it opens, and then look out.

In case anyone’s interested, Kermit Lynch is at 1605 San Pablo in Berkeley. I wish Zenster were here!

aw, have fun, pugluvr. before i quit drinking, the fellas at kermit knew me by name.

i have 40+ bottles of rhone red, stored well, i need to sell. wah.

Sorry, the San Francisco International Film Festival has just started so this weekend will be booked solid. Sounds great, though–my wife hates oysters, but I like the slimy devils.

omigod I am gonna hurl

Can’t nobody eat fifty oysters.

Are you sure you hear “mountain of oysters” correctly?

What to you want to bet it comes out to be an even number?

Guinness world record for three minutes is 64.

Growing up near the Chesapeake Bay, I realistically think I could down twelve in a minute. 24, probably in three minutes.

Beyond that, I’d just have to try.

Heh, ever sneezed while eating an oyster? Man, that’s one way to freak out a bystander.

lieu, I’m quoting from the promotion we got in their recent pamphlet. “Mountains,” they say, supplied by the Monterey Seafood Company, IIRC. Just wait until I get there.

Ino, we’ll see. I’ll keep count and report back here on Monday.

essvee, I feel your pain. Are you really selling a bunch of cellared Rhones? Are we talking rare old vintage here?

If my boy says he can eat fifty oysters, he can eat fifty oysters!


I get too worked up about this …

And Snooooopy? Thanks for getting the reference. :slight_smile:

94 thru 98, pugluvr. well-cellared. mail me if youd like.

I ate 60 in one sitting last time I was in Biloxi. Agreed, I’m gluttonous as all get out, but can you beat it? I could have slurped down another shoalfull but a) I had too much horseradish and 2) my family dragged me out of the bar. Good thing - the knife-wielding shucker was looking murderous.

In memoriam of my GrandDad. My most vivid memory of him was him teaching me to shuck an oyster. We did a 50-pound bag one afternoon. His favorite dressing was lemon and vinegar.