Bag o' Seafood

Have you priced out the buttholes separately?

A quick Google search says $6+ for pork bung. I know I’ve paid less for squid (I’m in California).

I’m so sorry. I seem to have hijacked this thread by accident. I do that more often than is good for a Doper. Here, let me get this back on track: Mixed Seafood in Creamy Wine Sauce.

Then you need to fry up some Gumbercules!

I would do exactly such as this, except that I would take a short cut and use a packet of Alfredo sauce on top and mix it all together.

So…what did you end up doing with your bag o’ seafood, @Johnny_L.A ? My wife is having dinner with a friend tonight, and when I’m on my own for dinner, I like to make something with seafood / shellfish, since I’m much more into it than Mrs. solost. Also, about to make a grocery run in about an hour. Thinking cioppino, or maybe just a simple crab / shrimp boil.

I ended up putting it in the freezer. :stuck_out_tongue:

How shellfish of you :smirk:

Don’t scampi away from the challenge! Just mussel through it.

Abalone, now you’re saying things just for the halibut.

Don’t tease me. I’d sell your soul for abalone.

Oh, my Cod, you didn’t chow down?

Walleye think it’s a damn shame.

Too late— I already sold it awhile back for some King Crab (y’all price that shit lately?)

I prefer Dungeness. I can’t remember the last time I had king crab.

I like Dungeness a lot too. I used to get it all the time but the grocery store I usually go to these days never seems to carry it. Closest seafood market is a bit of a hike.

You’re fired from the thread for NOT saying “I’d sell you SOLE for abalone.”

Get with the program!

You’re right, @Johnny_L.A haddock great opportunity to land that pun but floundered.

I almost did. But I’m serious about abalone.