Baggage Handling...Tip?

Some might consider her breathy in the classic ‘damsel in distress’ style. She is quite able to get her upper torso moving in a most amazing way with no apparent motion from her spine. All this while merely smiling and asking “how may I help you?”

‘Melanie’ is the latest addition to the accounting department of a business that was recently visited. Her charms most certainly fall in the visual category to say the least. Several short conversations over the first part of a week revealed that she was a pleasant woman of 27 who while taking some entry level accounting courses over the years, had primarily worked in word processing and general ‘Woman Friday’ type office situations.

That Thursday was to be the end of my visit, so several people including Melanie were invited out to lunch. Melanie said she was an infrequent wine sipper, but decided to join another old sot and me in the evils of martinis. When we got back to their office, the little darlin’ seemed to have a just shy of inappropriate buzz going.

I grabbed my stuff in preparation to leave, but could not resist saying good-bye to Melanie and her inhalations one last time. I asked her what she was working on and was told that all the service department’s expense accounts had to be checked to make sure that the techs had used the correct job numbers for the customers visited. She sorted through, and then pushed several of the pages towards me. In a conspiratorial voice, she said she understood that many of the men were traveling to and from cold areas of the country, but couldn’t see how they lost and had to replace so many five to ten dollar…Skycaps.

The sweetheart had been suffering a month long brainfart that only the truly innocent and naive might achieve. We agreed to keep it to ourselves, and now a most enjoyable image comes to mind when picturing her giggling and inhaling, with her hair tucked loosely inside a woolen…ski cap.