Bahrain's Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is something about which I have always wondered.

My general questions:

  1. From where does the Tree of Life get its water?
  2. How has it survived some 400(?) years in such an arid, desolate area?
  3. And, finally, the rumour that it is the “tree of life” from the Garden of Eden: who started this rumour… and when?

Any help at eradicating some of the ‘mysticism’ that surrounds this tree is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
(BTW, I’ve searched the SD and, as far as I know, no one has touched down on this subject.)

There are no clear answers to your first two questions, except that it is now believed the tree taps into an underground spring. Called a mesquite by some authorities and an acacia by others, I guess whoever noticed a 400-year-old tree stuck out in the middle of the desert probably started called it the name, leading to the supposed connection with Eden.