Bailey fans

Did anyone happen to catch Jan Smithers on “Battle of the Network T&A’s” on Trio last night. I did. Dick van Patten selected her to be the “target” in the dunking tank. Jan Smithers in a bathing suit. The mind reels. . .

In another observation, did anyone catch Hank Stram? When people make fun of hairpieces, usually it’s at the expense of Bill Shatner or Howard Cosell. You never hear people make fun of Bing Crosby, Humhrey Bogart, Lorne Greene, McLean Stevenson, Frank Sinatra, Liberace, or Shatner’s Trek-mates DeForest Kelley, Walter Koenig, and Jimmy Doohan–all very recognizable people who wore hairpieces.

But you should get a load of that mass of fiber sitting atop 60-or-so-year-old Hank Stram’s head on tonights “Battle” offering. Yowzah!

Is this a 20-year-old thing? I don’t watch much tv.

Sigh. Bailey.

I don’t watch too much TV anymore either. But I might if I could see Bailey again. Bailey!

Battle of the Network Stars was a series of 19 specials that ran intermitently from 1976-1988. The three major networks would pit their current actors against each other in dopey sporting events. Naturally, this was an excuse to put some very handsome people in shorts and halters.

What I remember most distinctly is Debbie Allen (then appearing on NBC’s Fame as a dance teacher) crunching her kneecap during an obstacle-course race in 1982. Geez, you’d think a professional choreographer would be more agile.

Mmmm… Bailey…

Say… you wanna tell us what you see in her?

Easy. She was the anti- Jennifer.

Man, you are preaching to the choir.

Jennifer was a seriously bored-out skank. Overly-bleached hair. Hideously oversized breasts. Pathetic Marilyn wannabe. Hell, Tina Louise was a better pseudo-Marilyn.

Okay, Bailey was smart, nice, and personable.

Jennifer was also quite smart and was adept at manipulation but only for ethical reasons. She wasn’t a bimbo and was not easy.

The skank remarks says more about the people in this thread than it says about the character of Jennifer Marlowe.

Jennifer was the unattainable Love Goddess. Bailey was goofy and awkward and totally attainable except you knew that in real life a woman that gorgeous wouldn’t give you a second glance.

Then there was Mrs Kotter (Marcia Strassman).

Ethical? Like her expensive apartment full of expensive antiques and her never-ending bank account that were all “gifts” from her numerous male suitors?

Maybe skank was a bit harsh. How about whore?

Also, Bailey was a helluva lot more attractive physically BECAUSE she was nice, smart, and personable.

I wouldn’t trust Jennifer as far as I could throw her.

I just thought she’d be a heck of a lot more fun to hang out with than Jennifer. I’m not saying skank, I’m just remembering the episode where she admitted herself that she liked to date old men and have them give her stuff.

Remember the ep where Jennifer was pretending to be completely stoned to fool some new boss? (or something like that…) I loved her after that.

Don’t kid yourself. She had hooters that were probably about as big as Jennifer’s. She just wore clothes that didn’t show them.

But some of us noticed anyway.

It was esentially the dream of males who fantasized about boinking the librarian, who, underneath her glasses and demeanor, …well, let elucidator describe it for you: