Baked apple recipe

Help me fill in the missing instructions for the following recipe:

The ingredient list:

5 Bramley or Cox’s apples
250g Roquefort cheese [ = 8 oz.]
100g Roasted walnuts [ = 4 oz.]
3g Cumin seed [ = ?]
5g Sugar (to sprinkle on top) [powdered?]
200g Cranberrries [ = 7 oz.]
30g White sugar [ = 2 tablespoons]
1/2 Vanilla pods [sic]
1 Star anise
1 Tablespoon water

How do I make the apple compote? How do I cook the cranberries? Who gets what spices? Is the water for the cooking pan? (He appears to cook it dry on a sheet.)

I’d ask the chef himself, but I’d probably be met with Gallic indifference.

One bump in the hope that someone will help me make this dish for Christmas dinner.

I’ll take a shot…

Well, he says that the apple compote has cumin in it in the video. And judging from the structure of the recipe I would be willing to bet that the apple compote is a very simple affair, and almost omitted as an after thought from this recipe, with the last half of the recipe being the cranberry sauce (compote), as such…

Cranberry Compote
200g Cranberrries [ = 7 oz.]
30g White sugar [ = 2 tablespoons]
One 1/2 of a slit Vanilla pods [sic]
1 Star anise
1 Tablespoon water

For simplicity and consistency and carrying the flavors through this unclear recipe, I would suggest simply using the same structure here and replicating the procedure with the apple compote, replacing the anise with the cumin, like so…

Apple Compote
The remaining pulp or core of the apples chopped finely (deseeded)
30g White sugar [ = 2 tablespoons]
The other 1/2 of the slit Vanilla pods [sic]
3 g cumin seed (possibly toasted and roughly crushed or fine ground)
1 Tablespoons (and perhaps a bit more) water

To make the compotes simply add everything to a saucepan and bring to a boil, turn down to a simmer and let the fruits exude their juices and stew, until the fruit is soft/tender, and the juices have reduced and become thick.

And yes, that just seems to be powdered sugar sprinkled over top the walnuts.

Add: You might want to reduce the amount of sugar in the apple compote if you so like, as they might not need the extra sugar like the cranberries

Core a bunch of apples. Plan on seconds+ for everybody; if there are leftovers you get them the next day with even more syrupy goodness.

Equal parts white and brown sugar, another part of butter, and as much cinnamon as you think you can stand, plus 25%. Mix together. (You may want to cut the butter in half because your leftovers will have disks of congealed butter that you can EASILY imagine coating your arteries.) Cram as much as you can into the apples and dribble the rest on top. Make more if you need to.

Bake at the catchall temp of 350F until the apples are obviously getting wrinkled, and then for ten minutes longer.

Let sit for 15 minutes and drizzle some syrup over the apples now and then.

Serve, calling the people who want whipped or ice cream on theirs Philistines.

Next morning, microwave the leftovers before looking at the platelets of pure cholesterol.

You food folks are my heroes. Thanks.

For decades my wife refused to believe I knew how to cook. That is, until I started getting off work before her. Except I use fewer Campbell Cream’O’Soups.

Daughter: Mom adds some canned soup to thicken her sauces.

Me: I thought you took two semesters of cooking classes and watch all the cooking classes on TV. This is how you make a roux. (lopping off a chunk of butter and adding what looks like a good amount of flour–you’ll note I rarely measure.)

Not a cooking class ever, but some failed attempts at dinner. You don’t want to fail dinner often.

Of course, something that is seemingly taken for granted in that video/recipe is that the compotes are cooled and at room temperature. For best results, I would do the same.

But, from the looks of the unnaturally browned and caramelized, toasted walnut topping in that video the apple was also sprinkled quite liberally with powdered sugar before baking. And then finished with the powdered sugar for presentation
I am also rethinking the addition of vanilla, to the apple compote, I would try to make a very natural apple compote, a touch of sugar and some toasted and coarsely crushed cumin seed, maybe a touch of lemon juice for sun and citric color fast .

That video is bizarrely edited.

I have developed the easiest, laziest method of baking apples. Everyone loves them.

I use a stainless steel frying pan with a domed lid on a hot plate with a heat diffuser. The heat diffuser lets me cook at a really low evenly distributed heat but although I use it all the time I could probably just use a smaller element. I am using gas.

Get a piece of baking paper screw it up, flatten it out again and put it in the pan.

Core the apples and put them in.
Fill them with your favorite breakfast cereal. I use vanilla and almond granola clusters at the moment.
Shake some sugar (I use Splenda) over the top.
Put a hunk of butter on top.
Put on lid and cook at lowest heat until done to your liking.
The melted butter and sugar will make a pool of caramel at the bottom.

You can zest a lemon over the whole lot while it cooks or sprinkle with cinnamon, nutmeg even a little szechuan pepper. Makes the kitchen smell good too.