Baking substitution question, need answer fast!

I’m baking brownies to take up to my friends cabin. I wanted to make a double batch, but found I have only half of one ingredient. It’s a somewhat healthy brownie mix that uses pudding mix and baby food prunes, but I promise they’re very, very yummy.

It’s the baby food prunes I only have enough to make a single batch, (1/4 cup!)

So I was thinking, could I substitute a little mayonnaise instead? (From a bottle!)

Your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Got any applesauce? I’m no pro but that seems like it would work.

Rather than mayo, I would probably go ahead and double your batch as intended, use what prunes you have even though you don’t have quite enough, and bake them up. I doubt the absence with have any dramatic effect.

Are the prunes replacing eggs in your original recipe? Mayo is a good substitute for eggs and oil (because it is eggs and oil) and I have a couple of recipes for mayo chocolate cakes that are delicious.

Mayo has a lot of acid in it, though–lemon juice or vinegar, usually–and if you don’t adjust for that, it might do something funky to the recipe. I’d consider using some other fruit puree–applesauce, even mashed banana–before using mayo.

Given the “need answer fast” bit, though, my guess is you’re already done; I’m curious how they came out.

Raisins would be a pretty good substitute for prunes, if you have this issue in the future.

Avocado is another way to get moisture in the mix… and they can be really tasty in brownies.

I’m sure they’re delicious, but I wouldn’t necessarily advertise them to your friends as your “prunes and mayonnaise brownies.” :wink:

My first thought was applesauce, my second thought was mayo, but my third thought was, just make the one batch unless you’re expecting a big crowd. I don’t care how healthy they are, brownies is brownies and nobody needs more than one.

You are correct, I just did it!

(Things are busy, no, actually chaotic, trying to stay updated on forest fires and road closings affecting access to my friends woodland cabin. It’s literally on how the wind is blowing! We could be about to drive six hrs and find access shut down! Yikes! Fingers crossed!)

The prunes purée replaces the oil I think, as there are eggs in the recipe.

They came out just fine, I doubt anyone will notice in the slightest, to be honest.

Def gonna go with along **Tom Tildrum **, and not mention it to anyone!

But thanks for all the great ideas, I hadn’t even considered some of them. Def learned some stuff.

Glad they came out well!