C’mon, how hard can it be to fix this situation? I mean, a pill a day or a shot a day.

They can put a man on the moon but…

But, the moon is bald, too!

Makes you think…

Hey, don’t feel so bad. All of the smilies are bald, and everyone likes them! :smiley:

You seem to be implying that this is something that needs to be fixed.

Yeah, whats the big deal with being bald? I’m bald and it doesn’t make me any less of a man. I dont get carded for cigs or beer as often as other people my age. Since what little hair I have is cut VERY short (I do it myself), I dont have to do anything with it except occasionally wash it and cut it. There is no way in hell you could make me pay somebody money to give me my hair back. I’m not that vain.

Bald can be cool: :cool:

Getting it to grow where you want it seems like a more difficult proposition than getting it not to grow where you don’t want it, and they sure haven’t succeeded at that.

p.s. I think bald guys are sexy.

I’m bald.

And I will never be cool again. :frowning: :frowning:

Or attractive.

It’s a natural progression. Someone I knew said that older men with too much hair looked effeminate (or something like that).

I think the trick to carrying it off is to avoid the appearance that you’re in denial about it: no pony tail, definitely no comb-over/sidebar, don’t think a hat is going to fool anyone.

I made the aesthetic choice to shave my head. It looks better than my very thinned-out hair does, it kind of forces the issue, and it is a case of my embracing my baldness. I have said that my hair is so thin, it was pointless to have any hair at all.

Someone I know complimented me that it looked provocative. I should mention that depending on your job and social millieu (sp?), this can make other people uncomfortable.

My husband is the sexiest guy I know and he’s bald.

Sounds like this dude hasn’t heard of Propecia.

Of course, I don’t feel like being a test subject for lifelong hormone therapy, even if my wife has worked for Merck.

I’ve always been attracted to bald men–I don’t know why, it’s just something I’ve always found sexy. I never realized it until my cousin pointed out once that all the men I think are hot happen to be bald. So, spooje, if you’re feeling down about it just remember that there are some women who find it incredibly attractive. And download Christine Lavin’s song “I Love Baldheaded Men” :wink:

name one rock god who’s been bald.

(michael stipe doesn’t count. he’s more ultra-talented songwriter than rock god. and moby is a knob-twiddler rather than a charismatic womaniser)

i agree tarkus. a pill is in order. what’s wrong with them damn scientists?

I think your cool.

Of course, I’m going bald, too. And I’m not cool.

Well, damnit, nevermind. Now I’m all depressed. I need to put on a hat.;j

[sub](I guess that little smiley dude has a hat on…)[/sub]

Oh, I know some people find baldness attractive, and that’s fine. It’s just that, I sure would like to have the option of being bald and not force fed it.

If one has a full head of hair and he decides to shave himself bald because he thinks it looks better on him than hair, I say go for it.

Either it’s wrong that men lose their hair or it’s wrong the women keep theirs. One of them needs to be turned around.

It’s just annoying that’s all.

And propecia, mynoxodil etc. bahhhhhhhhh. Show me a pill or a shot that can put a full head of hair on a 60 year old man who’s been bald for 35 years and I’ll sign up!!!

I totally adore bald men! Its so sexy!

Maynard James Keenan of Tool?

When you sell your soul to the devil to get to the top of the music biz, there’s a built in clause that you get to keep your hair. I recommend an attorney well versed in contract law if you decide to go that route.

As for the whole science/pill thing, I’m kind of hoping that they work on the more important stuff first (Cancer, HIV, Common Cold, Parental Flatulence, etc)

Most rock god’s have the cash to dump down to get a full head of plugs on a continuing lifelong basis. You’re gonna tell me that’s Jaggers hair? He’s got more hair than a fifteen year old.

Ditto. Except I don’t buy cigs anymore.

Sinead O’Connor? :smiley: