Baldur's Gate coming to the app store

Not sure if this is going to be a direct port of the old titles to the ipad or if there will be new content but those were fun games.

It’s the enhanced edition. It’s coming to PC first, then ported over to the iPad.

Don’t know how their going to work that. Having my fingers on the screen blocking the action doesn’t sound like fun. Fingers also lack the speed and accuracy of mouse. But who knows, maybe they’ll rework it enough to make that version interesting.

And yes, there will be new content. mostly stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor originally, but will get fully fleshed out.

And BG2 after that!

But sadly no new rules. That was my biggest disappointment when they announced the EE - Icewind Dale 2 used the 3.0 rules (or at least a convincing enough approximation of them) and I was all excited about possibly getting to pick Viconia’s feats ; but nope. Gotta get back to thinking with THAC0s and saves vs. Wands :(.

If you implemented the 4E rules they may as well just start from scratch. I don’t think you could just shoehorn the 4E rules in there and get the same game.

Screw 4E. I just want my munchkinny 3.5 rules to rebuild the ridiculous monk I ran through NWN2 :stuck_out_tongue:

But honestly though, it was just a matter of back-porting IWD2’s system… which admittedly would have meant replacing every single enemy in the game as well as changing the XP rewards of every quest. Also probably messing about with NPCs since in 3rd Ed you’re not locked in your class(es) any more.
Still, I mean, it demonstrably could have been done considering they’d already done it once.

I just think it’s hilarious that they’re going to be releasing a game that uses the 2nd edition rules, on the eve of 5th edition.

Usually wizards of the coast/hasbro insisists on the latest version being used for d&d games ut since its just essentially a high quality mod…

Baldur’s Gate updated on Thursday showing some of the new content, announcing a Windows price/release date ($20, or $18 if you pre-order/September 18), and saying it will be out for iPad/MacOS some time in September, and Android TBA. It’s going to be digitally distributed for Windows via Beamdog (no client needed, IIRC). I’ve been following the Twitter account of the creative director, Trent Oster, for a while now, and it seems like they’re making some really good, sensible decisions.

(Among other interesting things on Twitter - he’s pissed that apparently there are pro-Steam diehards who would rather pirate the game if it’s not available via Steam. :confused: )

Oh, iPad cost will be $10, and last I recall, they’re working hard to manage cross-platform saves.