Ballast Key

What is the appeal of living n Ballast Key? If I had $16 million, I would not spend it to live here. If I needed a plumber, how would he get to my house?

Ballast Key is for sale.

Are you seriously asking why someone with money would want a 28 acre private island in the Florida Keys with a 5 bedroom villa plus guesthouse, or is this a whoosh?
The plumber would use a boat, or if money is available, a helicopter.

by boat or plane?

Privacy, luxury, security are the driving motivators I’m sure.

seven bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. take a look.

I’m reading that as 5 main plus 3 guest:

*The main house features a master suite with both sunrise and sunset views and four more bedrooms. Three bedroom guesthouse overlooks a palm-tree lined beach. *

But either way, I’ll take it!

  1. Win Powerball or MegaBucks jackpot.
  2. Buy a house, a boat, and two or three yurts..
  3. Dopefest Southeast!

I’m pretty sure I could suffer through living there.

Meh, it would depend on the internet speeds.


Owning your own private island is right up there near the top of the conspicuous consumption pyramid. (Actually owning a Cheops-class pyramid is the top, of course.) You don’t need it. It’s not practical. But others will notice.

I never “got” the private island thing. Wouldn’t it be kind of boring after a while?

The fifteen million dollar island would just be a quaint place to keep my ornamental hermit.

Set me up, give me 20 years or so, and I’ll give you an answer.

Good lord yes. Give me a nice place in the city any day.

Most people who own places like that don’t own one house, they own several so they can stay in whichever place suits their mood at the time or when they wanted to see a show or go to a restaurant they could fly out and do it.

Or fly the chef in to cook for them and their friends.

Of course. But it still seems like a pretty dull investment to me. If I need a secluded beach vacation, if rather rent at an exclusive resort, so I can sample the world’a great beaches over the years and not have to worry about maintaining a bunch of land I rarely use.

Have I mentioned I hate commitment? And seclusion?

That’s okay the prices are high enough as it is. Imagine if everyone wanted one how high they would be.