Ballerinas & Funk Dancers: 70's SNL Short Film

I vaugely remember a short film shown on Saturday Night Live in the late 70’s in which film of ballerinas dancing was mixed in with dancers in baggy clothes doing some funky dance moves. It could have been to Swan Lake. Does anyone else remember this (or even better have a link to video)? What style of dancing would this be? It kinda looked like 80’s popping if I remember correctly.

Saturday Night Live, Season 3, episode 18 (Steve Martin, Blues Brothers),
the skits starts at 20:50

I’ve never forgotten it - it’s a wonderful idea that’s stuck in my memory for decades.

Border Collie

PS: The break dancers are the group “The Lockers”
Wanna watch it again? The episode is on Netflix, but here is the dancing clip:

PPS, here is a different dancing skit from The Lockers on SNL -

Border Collie

I thought I saw all of the SNLs from the '70s! I don’t remember that film. Cool.

By the way, the Toni you hear speaking at the beginning is Toni Basil, four years before she became very famous for Mickey. She appears in your second clip, too.

The youtube clip from SNL was removed for copyright claim. But here is a similar performance (but not as good) from teh Smothers Brothers

The style of dancing is called Locking or the original name Campbellocking named after the creator of the Style, Don Campbell. It is not called Breakdancing. Many people incorrectly identify this style of dance as many other names but it would be incorrect to call it anything other than Locking or Campbellocking.

The dancers in the Swan Lake clip on SNL are Greg Campbellock Jr.,Fluky Luke, Shabba Doo and Tony Go Go not Don Campbell as the clip may suggest.