Califonia dreamin' on such a... WTF?

Check out this old video of the Mamas and the Papas. Everything’s grooving along as expected, until…

Gotta love the sixties. :smiley:

Man, way to spoil the mood of a song. I was all into the sad, wintry vibe, and then the wildly arhythmic bathtub dancers (?!) popped up. Er, huh?

Oh come on. A little whimsy never killed anyone. I liked the way they just popped up, mid-song, too.

A little whimsy never killed anyone, but it sure put a bullet between the song’s eyes.

TV producers could be so pathetic. Janis Joplin is said to have stormed off the stage of The Tom Jones Show, after seeing the set because, “My public don’t want to see me in front of no fucking plastic rain drops.”

I watched it with the sound off but the radio on and guess what? Those dancers aren’t arhythmic if the song is Blue Sky by the Allman Bros.

A bit of scratching around and it seems that the video in the OP, from the Hullabaloo! tv show was a typical treatment for them. Apparently those were the Hullabaloo! dancers and “the last song of each episode was usually performed on a set which resembled a mod night club - this was called ‘Hullabaloo A Go-Go.’”

60s Mod dancing sucks

Just to share the torment I’ve now put myself through, here are The Yardbirds performing at Hullabaloo A Go-Go.

And for an set interpretation as strange as the OP, here are The Byrds, introduced by Michael Landon and a parrot, naturally. Instead of dancing, though, the Hullabaloo! dancers stand silently in bird hunting outfits (sorta) with cutout Pointers and duck decoys scattered about while the band stands on a faux marsh.

Of course, the dancers are the only ones who are actually performing, however laughably. Hullabaloo didn’t even bother to pretend-mike the correct pretend singer.

I think they got lost and wound up in the wrong studio. They must’ve been looking for the song with the discernible, vaguely danceable backbeat that sounded anything like the one they appeared to be dancing to in their heads. You know…that one song.

You’re right, that was bizarre. And made me grin.

And Michelle Phillips was smokin hot!

No kidding!

My great-grandmammy used ta says to me, you can’t frug to a flute, she’s used ta says. Every day, she says that. We all thought she’s a loony.

But gol durn, if she ain’t right! You can’t frug to a flute!

And apparently so distracted by the dancers that she couldn’t even lipsync with the last chorus. :slight_smile:

That girl in front, with the pony tail - was she dancing or having a fit?

She was laughing at Denny Doherty, who was so distracted by the dancer in the tub to his right that he nearly missed his cue back after the bridge.

And if I recall, bath tubs weren’t used much for anything else in the '60s.

CD is still an awesome song, though.

I just needed to pop in here to say that Wildly Arhythmic Bathtub Dancers is the best band name I’ve seen in quite a while.


I’ll be in my bunk.