The Most Recent "Whatcha Like on YouTube?" thread

Since the others had gotten very long but introduced me to “You Such at Photoshop” (inspired) and others, I wanted to start a new one.

And since many of the more recent entries have been mentioned already in various threads, I’ll retreat into the past for a combination of terror and nostalgia:

The family of the accordionist demonstrates the Chicken Dance on The Lawrence Welk Show. Check out the dungeon walls and the comprachico smiles on the teenagers- I honestly believe at least one was trying to get out a message in some sort of code.

Reminds me of:

We recently got back from a short vacation in Barcelona (why yes, you may feel free to envy me). We enjoyed the buskers on Las Ramblas, and one puppet act in particular caught our eyes, so I was pleased to find someone else had already filmed it and put a snippet up on YouTube. The marionette’s actions are very lifelike, and the puppet has a dead funny personality :stuck_out_tongue:

New math:

This guy is lip syncing Tom Lehrer’s “New Math”, but it seems to add just the right amount of strange.

A. Tom Lehrer in that song sounds a lot like Ben from LOST.

B. Is there supposed to be something wrong with doing the subtraction the way described in that song?


Yeah… all these years I never knew that was ‘new math’…

Want to play Find the Moderator"? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m rather stuck on this clip of Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins lately.

I started a thread on this, but it deserves another look: Tommy the Tungsten Robot

This one, too: Food Fight

Webisodes of Girls Will Be Girls. I’m so glad that they are back. Love the movie. Love the webisodes.

Uhuh. This makes me even more gay…

I can’t recommend this because it is not available in my country.

Help! I need someone…

SexyBack for harp, soprano, and beatbox.

That’s disturbing man!!


Nice. Was that Improv Everywhere or just locally contrived?

I feel dumb, but I had no idea until a few weeks ago that every registered YouTube user has a Favorites Page. So that’s where those videos go when you add to favorites! (some NSFW)

Lots O’ Places.

Are McDonald’s ads racist?

Introducing the band.

This is what I hope heaven will be like.

Failing that, I want to come back to life as one of these guys.

Freeman’s Mind Ep 1

Freeman’s Mind Ep 2

Freeman’s Mind Ep 3

For your enjoyment the song that will not leave my head no matter how hard I try .