Balls that clang: Para awarded VC

A very brave man indeed.

Salute to L/Cpl Leakey.

L/Cpl Leakey has my greatest respect. He is a credit to his country and his unit.

That dude totally fucking rocks; he deserves a song by Bolt Thrower for that shit.

A very brave man. It is interesting to see how the parameters for awarding them have been viewed differently over the last 150 years. Also, not every one is made from a Russian cannon captured at Crimea- some are made from Chinese cannons. I guess they may have been captured by the Russians.

As an aside, a genuine Victoria Cross is an investment if you can afford to buy one. With the increased usage of robots etc far fewer are going to be awarded. The downside is you have to be a millionaire to afford one now. Lord Ashcroft has the largest collection- about 10 % of all the 1600 awarded. It is on public display.