Baltimore/DC area Dopers: Anyone up for politics and drinks?

I’ll make sure i’m at XandO (cnr. 31 and Charles) at 6:30. I’ll wear black jeans and a short-sleeved collared shirt, and will probably have my dark green, satchel-style bag with me.

I don’t have any good, close-up digital photos of myself, but this will give you some idea of what i look like.

We’ll probably walk up to the auditorium just before 7:00. If you plan to attend, but can’t meet us at XandO beforehand, go to XandO after the talk finishes and we’ll meet there again for coffee etc.

So, like… It’s almost October 10. Are we meeting again?

Anyone up for this?

My husband and I are planning to attend.

I was about to reactivate this thread to ask the same question.

Shall we do the same thing? Meet at XandO (cnr. Charles and 31st) at about 6:30 to 6:45?

I know the area about as well as I know the polar regions of Mars.

Well, if you can get to the Hopkins area, you can’t really miss Charles Street–it’s the main north-south street running next to the university. I assume you’ll have a map?

Here’s one for you to check out.

Is anyone else coming?

I am, though I can’t speak for Gopher, elfbabe, or Kiros. I guess mhendo’s coming too.

After reading a bunch of Pit threads, I’m not sure I can take any more Republican hating, though.

I’ll be there.

Well it looks like we can get there by 8pm for the thing but not in time to meet beforehand. Rush hour coming from Virginia and so on… my husband would practically have to leave work right now.

We won’t be able to stay after, either, as we will have Dominic with a babysitter.

All this assumes, of course, that we can find a babysitter, which we have as yet been unable to do :confused:

I’ve just had a last-minute minor problem come up, which i have to take care of this afternoon, and i might have some trouble making it to Moore’s speech on time. I definitely won’t be able to meet at XandO at 6:30.

I’ll try to make it to Shriver Hall before 8, but it looks like meeting beforehand is going to be out of the question.

Sorry if this causes anyone any inconvenience. If i don’t see you there, have a good evening.

Ok I have a babysitter. We are going to try to leave here around 6, but it will be rush hour so I don’t know when that will place us in the area… where should we hook up?

Also have some stuff to do beforehand… will be around for the speech itself, though, I imagine.


Did anyone get in? We got there but the place was full. There were a zillion people outside. Michael Moore came out and talked for about 25 minutes and answered questions outside… but then he had to go back in… and we all had to go home.

3 hour round trip drive, too.

Sorry to hear that, Opal. Same thing happened to me, but at least i only live around the corner.

I hope i get a chance to meet you some other time.

I had dinner at the Xando’s, then walked over to campus about 7:30. I also stood in the crowd and listened to Moore blabber for a while. I figured there was no way we’d meet up in that huge crowd but I looked around anyway. Complete waste of time for me too, but I only live a mile or two downtown… :stuck_out_tongue:

See you at Dope-a-Ween!

I didn’t think it was a waste of time. We actually thought that the 25 minutes he spoke was pretty cool, and still worth driving up for.

I was there with some friends… we got there at 7:10… ended up about 15 or 20 people back from the doors when they finally closed them. So you’d have had to get there at 7:05ish to have gotten in - pretty ridiculous.

On the plus side, after they closed the doors we moved around the back and caught Moore entering the building, talked to him for a minute there, and had advance warning of his coming outside so we ended up in the front row outside, about 10 or 15 feet from him :slight_smile: On the whole, I got the distinct feeling of a demagogue addressing his mob.


How many people would you estimate were there, outside? I think it was about eleventy kerjillion, myself.

When I got there, the 2 lines were stretching from Shriver all the way to the other end of the lawn, to the steps. I’d estimate between 1,000 - 1,500 people, though a number of them may have left by the time Moore came out. I say this because I was to Moore’s right, up on the steps and with a good view of the crowd after everyone moved forward. It was a big group, but I’d guess under 1,000, maybe 700 - 800.