bambi bashers, or give a submissive a chance

yes, i know it was a hoax.

it just seems to me that we tolerate lots of shit, especially here at SDMB, and i am somewhat surprised at how upset people become over this.

being submissive myself, i love the idea of something like this. i, personally, am more into humiliation than pain, but short periods of pain can be good too.

the best way i can describe what it is like to be a true sub is to compare it to being gay, and i apologize in advance to anyone that might be offended by that statement. that is just the closest comparison i can come up with. but from what i understand about the realization process and really having no control over your feelings, those things are similar for me.

i’ve always been submissive, and when i was younger, when i acted in my true nature i was told that that is wrong, nice girls don’t do that, i’d be called names and ostracized.

so i resolved myself to be ‘vanilla’. but that just didn’t do it for me. anytime i was with someone, the only way i could get excited would be to fantisize (i will try not to be too desciptive of that part).

now that i am older i wish i knew then what i know now cause i could’ve found a relationship that worked better for me. i wish people wouldn’t have made me feel wrong about my own damn feelings and let me be who i am. i’ve waisted so much time being what i am not cause i thought there was something wrong with me since i had always been told that when in reality, i just like it a different way than most.

you may not desire the same thing as i do, but it is not wrong for me to.

in conclusion, i would just like to say don’t tell me i am wrong for conducting my adult business in my way when it is consentual. and i won’t try to convert you :slight_smile:

flame away, that’s why i posted this here.

Um, okay.

One question.

What the hell are you talking about?

I second that question. Perhaps we need enlightening on the subject of bambi-ness.

Explanatory link.

My take? Tiny little teapot, great big tempest.

hell, I don’t care about your sex life. I just wish you’d find the “Shift” key, so your post wouldn’t only be in lower case letters.

I also want a pony.

Any volunteers to chase a naked jwhee through the woods, occasionally shooting her in the bum with a paintball gun? :smiley:

Oh well, whatever lights your candle:

You have been a naughty girl. A very naughty girl. You must be punished!:mad:

After viewing your Yahoo! profile, all I have to say is “Wow!” to jwhee that you really DO stand behind your convictions. I suppose that’s admirable that you are as comfortable with your feelings as stated and freely live as such. Good on you, I think.

(Although I must caution others that viewing said site is definitely not work-friendly. Be forewarned!)

That’s a mighty fine personal you’ve got there. So… how you doin? :wink:

I’m gonna go with “Don’t knock it until you try it”. Sometimes people are just looking for a reason to get upset. I don’t see how this Bambi Hunting stuff is much different from all the other forms of kinky pain/pleasure sex. Well except that some of the girls appear to just be doing it for the cash as opposed to the fun. Oh well, I’d let somebody shoot me in the ass with a paintball gun for a few G’s. :smiley:

Darn it all I didn’t see that there were two of these threads and I addressed this issue in the other one.

For the love of God, why would anyone want to do that? I won’t go vanilla until they pry the riding crop from my cold dead fingers.

BTW, you might want to check into the existence of local BDSM groups. Most of them seem to schedule fairly regular events including the hosting of munches.

Yes, some people were shocked by the idea without giving it further thought. These people need your explanatory post.

But there are two important ways the hunting ( if real) would differ from a lot of other other ‘kinky pain/pleasure sex’:

  1. These girls don’t enjoy being hurt (necessarily), they’re being pain to be humiliated and hurt.
  2. They are risking loss of an eye, or similar injuries.

I didn’t realize until now that this got double posted. Perhaps a mod could lock one or something. I personally like this one better :). The other is here .

i, sorry, I have never posted so many linkity links in one day anywhere before. not, grr, Not quite the annoyance i, fuck, I was expecting. Stupid fucking shift key. At least in word, it does it for you.

I haven’t said cunt yet either. There, now I feel better.

Carcosa and trabi need to come visit me :slight_smile:

Kricket, thanks for your explanation in the other thread, and i am thrilled to have you in my thread! I would like to learn more from you.

Didn’t notice your location the first go-round. I can tell you that there are munches in Cherokee and Gwinnett ( I’m in NW Georgia ). Also, the folks on the GeorgiaBDSMLifestyle e-list (yahoo sponsored) seem knowledgeable. I don’t know if you’ve already found these resources but thought I’d mention them since I can’t imagine anyone considering the vanilla lifestyle. I’ve heard rumors about those people :

  1. Sex doesn’t involve handcuffs
  2. They only know 2 (maybe 3) positions
  3. Sex (or any erotic behavior ) can only be performed Thursday night between 9:00 PM and 9:30 PM.

So, please seek help from a qualified perv before you make any decisions - and remember - there’s no such thing as a bad girl, just a poorly trained one. :wink:

:mad: No! You come here. NOW! No, not like that… CRAWL! :mad:


Closing this duplicate thread.