Ban the Oreos! Full Speed Ahead!

A… very unusual case. I have some suspicians it was started more for the shock and awe value than any actual merits. Well, that and the publicity applications.

I’m trying to form an opinion on this, but I can’t help but smile when I think about it. Its hard to form a serious and solid legal idea while giggling. Nevertheless…

  1. I don’t see exactly what is illegal about not labelling trans-fats. Thus far it seems the FDA has not absolutely decided to do so.

  2. Even if other people have reduced T-Fat, it doesn’t mean that Nabisco must.

  3. Hi Opal!

  4. I really don’t get the idea that people “don’t know” that cookies aren’t healthy. I mean, the filer said that people do know fast food ain’t good, but then says that they somehow ignored all the cream filling! Consistancy may be the vice of small minds, but I’ll take at least a little of it…

The FDA is trying to. there is just wrangling over the exact wording of the label.
Pepsico has already begun work in their test ktichens to come up with new recipes for Doritos etc.

i think that t-fats are on their way out.

I agree SimonX. I, however, think this litigation stinks even worse than those who tried (are still trying?) to sue McDonalds for making them fat. CNN’s American Morning was poking fun at the lawsuit, as should everyone.

However, just in case this weasel is successful, I’m stocking up on Oreo’s now; I’m going to corner the black market. You know where to look when you need your fix.

The odd thing here is that the suing atty’s have already lost the biggest bargaining chip they had. It would seem to me that Nabisco would be willing to pay a lot of money to avoid having this story be on everyone’s minds for 15 minutes. Now that the story is out, they have no reason to play nice.

Big Brother is creeping up on us.


Get over it summertime. This isn’t about big Brotyher. there’s real evidence that tfats are nasty for you. there’s no good reason to keep 'em except that they have a better shelf life than non-hydrogenated fats.
If anything it can be seen as a victory of the little guy.

i know that i haven’t commented much on the lawsuit.


"…suit focuses on the fact that trans fats are hidden dangers being marketed to children. "

Tough to market something if it’s hidden.

And what of polysorbate 80, huh? What of locust beans?

Hey, get your own lawsuit.

What are these things called Oreos?

Seriously…how much do you need to eat to get hurt? I probably eat a hand full once a year, if even that.

There’s not safe dosage for tfats.
the potential damage is related to heart disease and cancer type of chronic, terminal conditions. Hydrogenated oils aren’t limited to Oreos though. They are pretty common in many foods. Most snack foods do contain hydrogenated oils though.

Pheh, Transfats are just another dietary boogeyman. Same thing was said about cholestrol. Spare me from the scare tactics.

Having seen the pictures of this lawyer, it looks like he’d be the first in an Oreo house shooting up the shortening.

I shall protest by buying oreos, ripping them in half, devouring the creamy middle, and then eating the two chocolate halves. The way Oreos were meant to be eaten!

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odd thing: I used to be one of those people who twisted off one cookie first. Then I realized oreos tasted so much creamier when dipped in milk. Now, all I want to do is twist one cookie off, scrape the cream off the other with a fork, then dip the cream in milk and eat it. I guess that means trans-fats are addictive as well as deadly.
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Apparently the lawsuit must be based on the plaintiff’s inability to twist an Oreo properly, eat the creamy middle first and save the cookie outsides for last. If he can’t do it, no one else should be allowed to do it.

I hope the case is thrown out by a judge who thinks one’s just desserts belongs to all of us, including our own decision on what we eat.

BTW, when I was in Australia, Oreos sold in Oz where made in India (Indonesia?). I bought one package and never finished it.

If they outlaw Oreos, only criminals will have Oreos.

Since trans-fats are in like 90% of snack foods, legally speaking, how can oreos be singled out?

I think, SenorBeef it’s because that cream filling is basically nothing but a trnas-fat with sugar and color added.

I read once that the only difference between the cream in oreos and the cream in twinkies was that oreos filling used sugar and twinkies filling used corn syrup. If that is the case, will twinkies be next?

Damn this lawyer all to hell.