i was eating a banana earlier and a friend informed me that mosquitos are more likely to bite you if you have eaten a banana. i am very skeptical but i assumed i should see if there is any fact to this statement.

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A Google search under “bananas mosquitos” turns up the information that this factoid is widely repeated on the Web. However, just because something is widely linked on the Web doesn’t mean it’s true.

Here, go have a look for yourself. Let us know what you find out. :slight_smile:

i found a lot of info on mosquitos in general (some of which i already knew). all dsorts of facts on the effects CO2 has on attracting them and how poor their site is. mosquitos apparently use their sense of smell to track a person down. they prefer humid climates as a whole but various types feed during the day, others during the night, and still others through out the day and the night. i found a lot of other information on related subjects but the only traces of my banana query were that it is highgly believed in honduras. it doesn’t state that it is a proven fact and it is only mentioned in a single sentence within a much larger article. any suggestions as to where i go from here?

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Some people emit an odor that is attractive to skeeters. Perhaps after you eat a banana, there is an odor emitted, however so slight, that attracts them. Just a WAG.