Band of Brothers - Still Amazing 12 Years Later

Saw it originally and a few times over the years in Memorial Day replays. Recently went ahead and bought the Blu-Ray collection and watched the first 4 episodes again last night in 1080P on a 120" screen… DAMN this series is one of - if not THE - best ever created.

We need more dreamworks/playtone projects! :cool:

I agree. It has held up very well, though most films that rely on characters and acting generally do.

I’m due to receive the Blu-Rays in the mail from Netflix today. I can’t wait. I watched pretty much the whole series on HBO, but sort of in a disjointed fashion. I don’t think I saw everything in order (and I’m not sure if I even caught the beginning of the first episode).

I’m especially looking forward to the Extras disc.

Hard to believe it’s that old, isn’t it? Definitely one I never tire of; a rare commodity in any television production.

I just borrowed the complete series, because I never finished watching it.

I know it was commercially successful.

I read that is cost 120 million to make and has generated 250 million is DVD/Blu Ray sales. That does not account for the revenue generated for television rights so the money is there, would love to see another quality production covering any number of historic periods.

Civil War, Roman Empire, maybe some future fiction?

Earth to the Moon and Pacific are also very good so at 3 for 3, why not another? :smiley:

My favorite episode was the one in Bastone where all the men are freezing in foxholes. I think Donnie Walberg gave a fantastic performance in that episode (Breaking Point?).

Hard to believe that 9/11 happened just 2 days after the series premiered.

I don’t think it’sjust the characters that make the series so good. For me, it’s the historical accuracy.
The show is perfectly authentic. You are right there in 1941 along with the characters, and you
feel it.
It helps, of course, that the plot is written perfectly, too. No corny love affairs, no overdone heroism. It’s pure realism.
(At least that’s what I remember from only watching a few of the episodes , many years ago.)

I read that One-third of a million pounds of recycled paper were used to create the snow for the forest sets in Bastogne. Pretty amazing the detail and production values.

Sometimes I skip that one, it’s so hard to watch. When they’re in the church (?), one of them says it’s the first time they’ve slept indoors in thirty days. Makes me feel grateful and a bit guilty, when I get into my warm bed in my warm house and nobody’s shooting at me.

My favorite episode is the last, wrapping things up. Favorite scene/story line is when Winters fakes that last patrol. And when Sobel loses Easy Company. And when they’re at the Eagle’s Nest.

I have to go back and watch this again. My brother-in-law gave me the boxed set one year for Christmas and I watched about half of them and also watched the last few eps on HBO when they came out, but there’s a gap. Definitely a good series.

My favorite is the episode where Spiers, ordered to relieve an incompetent lieutenant, runs across the open ground, being shot at all the time, to coordinate the attack. And then runs back.

That’s why I have a hard time watching Caretan. Horrible mistakes in that one. And Marc Warren’s horrible American accent. Albert Blithe did not die of his wounds. He survived. Made the army a career. Served in Korea. Was awarded multiple Silver Stars and Purple Hearts. He died in the 60s in Germany as a Master Sergeant of a ruptured appendix. I have no idea why they picked that character to be to focus of the episode. He is barely mentioned in the book. And then they got it horribly wrong.

About 5 years ago when we were driving to the alps we stopped off overnight at Haguenau (in Alsace).

The main centre of the town was fairly new having been rebuilt after the war but when walking from a car park, just as the snow began to fall I turned a corner and came across a little section of pre-1945 Haguenau.
An old farmhouse or barn, half timbered with sepia tinted bricks, complete with bullet and bomb damage. It looked exactly like it had dropped off the set of B.o.B. I’d just watched the Bastogne episode not long before and the collective effect of the building, the cold weather and memory of the program was very unsettling.

It takes a very good show to have that effect on people.

in fact, I just found the very place on Google street view! I love the 21st century

If you haven’t checked them out yet, definitely watch Rome and Deadwood.

Especially Rome.

Rome was a great series!

In partial defense of the series, the book had the same error.

I would assume it’s an example of the (alleged) plagiarisms and inaccuracies that have been reported in his writings.

Yes Ambrose was repeating what other Easy Co guys told him. But in the book it is literally only one or two lines. In the show they made an entire episode about him.

I think Blithe died in 67 of kidney failure. Although it was quite the oversight at least they only mention it in the closing text, not in the actual acting. Other than that the series is pretty accurate.

The series mangles Webster’s character all to hell, and completely fabricated the storyline of The Last Patrol to shoehorn him into it. If you actually read his book, Parachute Infantry you find he was an utterly different person than as depicted in Band of Brothers, where they writers turned his character into a clumsy audience PoV to serve their needs in whatever storyline he popped up in. Lazy writing.

That said, Band of Brothers is an amazing work, and I love it to pieces. I still get trapped by it if I just happen to flip channels and its on… even with the DVDs sitting two feet away, having watched them dozens and dozens of time.

And, yes, the extras are the best part. Especially the interviews.