No thread yet on The Pacific?

I did a search and found nothing recent.

Anyone really looking forward to the miniseries (dumb question)? Just 6 more days until it airs on HBO.

Has anyone seen any sneak previews, etc?

If it’s even half good as Band of Brothers, then I’m happy.

Thanks for the reminder. I need to dump Showtime and pick up HBO. (And I think David Simon’s new series starts in April.)

I hope it’s as good as BOB but that will be hard. I think focusing on one group was great for BOB and the Pacific is based on 3 guys so it’s similar in that regard.

Time for me to order HBO for a couple of months. Of course they’ll just do marathons on TNT on every subsequent military holiday, if I’m willing to wait…

I’ll be watching. Loved Band of Brothers, and I expect I’ll like this series as well. I’m less familiar with this part of WWII, so much of it will probably be new to me…

I don’t have HBO anymore so I’ll be missing it, which sucks. On the bright side, I was such a huge fan of BOB that I know I’ll buy the Pacific as soon as it comes out on dvd, whether I watched it or not, so I’ll just wait until then. At least now I won’t have to wait a week between episodes.

Yeah, I figure I’ll be getting it for Christmas from my parents or sister.

I’m very psyched about this but didn’t bother to make a thread because it hasn’t started yet. But come this weekend, I’ll definitely be watching.

There are some really good “making of” docs on the HBO page (which I can’t get to as I’m at work) so check over there.

I liked the BOB music but the guy who did that , Michael Kamen, died so they had to find someone else. They said this time they are going to focus more on what happened to the 3 guys after the war. BOB covered what the main characters did after the war but only in 1 short scene. They did not show it this year, but BOB had an 11th episode that had a lot more interviews with the real veterans, it’s probably on the DVD set.

The interludes with the real vets is what really made BOB for me. When you see the guys that really went through the events of the show, it brings home just how incredible some of it was.

Already programmed into Tivo. Looks like it should be well worth the time.

I’ll wait for the DVDs. Don’t have HBO/Showtime etc anymore since they just aren’t worth it. But I am looking forward to it…I’ll just have to wait a little longer.

It’s replacing “Big Love” on Sunday, and that has to be good.

Well, I liked it.

I enjoyed the intro by Hanks. I also enjoyed the interviews with the vets (hopefully this will continue).

At first it seemed to drag, once the story began. But I found myself quickly enjoying it.

Any thoughts?

Could not imagine being in any of those battles!

I got 3 free months of HBO from Verizon just in time for The Pacific. :smiley:
Great timing.
I thought the first episode was a little choppy…I think it could have used the basic training moments that BoB had to knit things together.

Band of Brothers is currently $40 or so, which is 4 months of HBO. Subtract whatever you pay for The Pacific DVDs from $120 and the remainder is what HBO costs for the year. Seems to me that’d be well worth it.

I also thought the opening ep was too short, resulting in choppy editing. It should have been two hours instead of 45-50 minutes. And what’s with all the night scenes? It seemed like I had a lot of black screen time. Is this a cheap trick to cover up for lack of scenery/prop budget?

I don’t know if the show was trying to portray this, but in real life, the Japanese were well-trained to fight at night and often preferred it. It’s how they attempted to mitigate some of their shortcomings in materiel. Some of the biggest battles on Guadalcanal were night attacks by the Japanese.

No problem with that, but the dim lighting at dinner, the nighttime departure of the troops, etc., just seemed a bit contrived. I agree with RikWriter, who thought more time (hell, any time) should have been allotted to basic training and better character development up front. At this point, I don’t care about any of these people or what motivates them. Hopefully time will improve the series.

I loved the not-‘storming the beach’ scene. After it was groundbreaking in Saving Private Ryan we’ve seen that scene too many times. So the false start was funny. After that, it did slow down, but I think they were trying to portray the feeling of having the urge to fight and no one to fight and I think it was done well.
This isn’t the story of one unit, but rather 3 different stories so I don’t think a mashup of training scenes would have been easy. Also I remember being totally confused by who was who in BoB but now when I watch it I recognize each of them like I’ve known them for 9 years. So, I’m sure I’ll know them better in a few weeks. (The same thing happens on any large-cast show like Survivor or Amazing Race)