Bandanas under cowboy hats

Happy flu season everyone!

ACHOO! >snnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnork<

Being stuck at home with not much to do other than convert new kleenex into used kleenex, I’ve been watching (among other things) country music videos. I’ve noticed this interesting sort of thing where guys in cowboy hats are wearing bandanas under their cowboy hats. Sort of like a hick do-rag with a hat over it. Toby Keith does it in several videos (really noticable after he gets the hat knocked off in As Good As I Once Was), what’s-his-face Anderson in XXL does it, so do several others.

I think the only time prior to that I can recall the bandana-do-rag-under-a-hat shtick was Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean.

Um… what’s up with this? Guys so self-concious about thinning hair that a hat along ain’t good enough? They can’t afford hats that fit so snug 'em up with bandanas? Full skull sweat band? Just a fad? What?

I do a form of this when mowing and such. The hat is one of those straw cowboy style ones and doesn’t work well as a sweat band. Also, the open weave nature of the hat allows air in but dust and dirt as well.
So, to keep the sweat out of my eyes and the dirt off my gourd, I must on rare occasion put up with this combination.

Bingo. Could be any of these three, IMO, but most likely it’s the full-skull sweat band. Depending on how nice your hat is, you might not want to get sweat stains in it.

As an aside, I used to stick a handkerchif in the back of my baseball cap (so it would look kinda like a French Foreign Legionaire) when I went hiking, the idea being that the handkerchif, hanging down behind my head, would provide my neck with some shade. Since I didn’t get sunburned on the back of my neck (but did get sunburned on my face and arms) I like to think that it worked. :cool:

I read the title of this thread a couple of times, but was most of the way through the OP before I realized it didn’t say “bananas.” I never really associated cowboys with health food.

Semi-hijack: People who practice kendo (“Japanese fencing”) also do this, wearing a bandana-like cloth over their head, under the helmet. This is to keep your hair up out of your eyes, and to stop sweat from rolling down into your eyes.

Real workin cowboys don’t have 'Sunday" hats. So they may be in a nice suit but the hat will have sweat stains…

Or else he is a ‘wanna be’.


  • roped and worked my share. *