Banderas as the Phantom of the Opera?!

Please someone say it isn’t so. Didn’t anyone hear him in Evita? Are they really casting him instead of Michael Crawford? I HATE it when they take a role away from the person who made it famous onstage and give it to some big name putz, just like they ruined Evita. Antonio is a good actor, but he can’t carry a tune in a bucket. O lamentable day.:smack:

Actually, I thought he did rather well in Evita.

Let Mike do it on stage; Antonio on screen.



Sorry about that but I’m really sick of the campaign to get Michael Crawford in the movie. Oh and isn’t it obvious that Antonio should play Raul?

So did I, actually and I love the opening song for Desperado, which I understood was Antonio.

However … Phantom, I dunno.

I agree that he should play Raoul. I think someone less attractive should play the Phantom. Yeah, he’ll have makeup on, but when you know that underneath it all he’s Antonio Banderas, it won’t be the same.

To me, the Phantom was a tortured soul who was pretty unremarkable except for his knowledge of and creative genius with music, and his beautiful voice. You also get the impression he was years older than Christine and Raoul. Someone like Christopher Walken or Geoffrey Rush fits better.

He can dance, that’s certain. I don’t know who is cast as Christine…

Well, there is information here that says Antonio, Crawford or Hugh Jackman in the lead. Antonio apparently sang for AL Webber and he liked him.

This site has been tracking the project since 1997.

Also his talent for building fiendish contraptions and such.

At least in the novel, where Erik was one of the contractors for the opera house (which goes a long way towards explaining how he can move around so quickly and easily without being noticed).

I want to see somebody make this, Damnit!

And then Les Miz!

and perhaps someday, Sweeny Todd.

Antiono sang at some huge AL Webber (grill) Aids concert in London with this huge all star line up of people.

Whatever they do they need to keep that freak of a woman (whats her name, she was married to ALW and originated Christine)from playing Christine. She does not look good on camera.

Trust me this will go through several casts. At various points Madonna, Paltrow, Ryder, Goldie Hawn were all supposed to be in the movie version of Chicago. Speaking of which the movie seems to have turned out pretty well so I guess ‘Hollywood’ does not screw everything up.

Evita was far from ruined as a movie. I thought the only weakness was in casting Jonothan Pryce as Colonel Peron.

Sarah Brightman

Patti Lupone will always be Evita to me. Honestly, I LIKE Madonna. (ahem) No, really, I do like Madonna. I WANTED to like her in Evita. She was greedy. She took “Another Suitcase in Another Hall” away from her co-star, Peron’s mistress, as if she didn’t have enough songs and even added “You Must Love Me,” (gag). Her performance became pathos instead of tragedy.

I know some will scream that no one could play Christine except Sarah, but I don’t know…as long as they can carry those challenging songs. Who else would be good as Christine?

How about Andy Garcia as Raoul? Can he sing? I think Hugh Jackman might bring a new energy to Phantom…

James Broadbent as one of the Managers is a no brainer.

I’ll second that, brotha!

I seem to recall he sang the Phantom part. He demonstrated an ability to sing his way out of a wet paper bag. Serviceable, not fabulous. Where’s Mandy Patinkin these days?

I would love to see him in “El Fantasm de L’Opera” which is playing in Mexico. Just to see how he does.

For the movie, I don’t know. I think that Crawford might maybe be dead before they finally get around to doing it. And seeing him in DotV was painful.

Do you have a cite which shows Madonna as the impetus for the change in the musical?

As far as I knew, it was modified by the team that was making it, not Madonna having a primadonna hissy fit.

You Must Love Me won the Oscar that year for original song. IMHO, it deserved it.

Have you seen her lately?

She was pretty funky looking in the 80s, agreed. But have you ever seen her solo album (Dive) from the 90s? There’s a picture of her in the liner notes wearing a transparent dress (and no skivvies). I won’t post a link to that picture, but check out this more modest yet still delicious picture from another source. Whatever happened between then and now, it works for me!

Oops, looks like Geocities doesn’t like hotlinking. Go to this page and look at the picture all the way on the bottom. The others aren’t so bad, either.

Man, that link doesn’t go either!!! !** frames! Try this link. Trust me, it’s a very nice picture and demonstrates the power of (pick one) 1) plastic surgery 2) great make-up 3) skillful photography 4) deals with the devil. Like I said, whatever Ms. Brightman changed about herself, it sure worked.

I don’t know what she looks like and I don’t care, but I completely agree that she has no business being Christine. She has a lovely sweet voice- that would never have shown up on stage at an opera. This is set in the days before electonic amplification. That voice wouldn’t carry past the orchestra pit. Sadly enough, the woman who played the Prima Donna has a perfect operatic voice and would have done fine as the ingenue if she’d been a little younger.
I saw a production of Phantom recently and they cast Christine as an actual operatic soprano (coluratura?) and she was awesome. As it happens, I don’t actually like operatic female voices as the vibrato messes with me, but for the part, that’s what you need. I hope they can come up with someone who can sing in the correct style while retaining the sweetness we need to really feel for Christine.