Bands named after the Simpsons

I just learned there was a band called Evergreen Terrace. This brings the number of bands named (or that should be named) after the Simpsons to three:

– Evergreen Terrace
– Fall Out Boy
– Morningwood

(granted, the third was in common usage before the Simpsons, but the Simpsons is the only time I’ve seen it spelled that way.)

Any others?

Apparently Fall Out Boy didn’t even get the reference when they chose their name (based on an audience recommendation). Which only makes them sucker harder. If that’s possible.

Well, that explains the misspelling, I always assumed it was due to copyright issues.

Here in denver there used to be a band called the Speedholes. Defunct now, but I think a surf band somewhere in Illinois has taken up the moniker.

There was a local band in my hometown called Guy Incognito.

For those of us not that familiar with Simpsons lore (although I love the show, I don’t have a great memory of specifics) could you clarify how it’s a Simpsons reference?

There’s an episode where Homer is banned from Moe’s bar. A few scenes after his banning, a guy who looks exactly like Homer in disguise, with a moustache. Moe tells him to give it up and leave.
“Homer? Who is Homer? My name is Guy Incognito!” the man says. Moe and the barflies beat him up and toss him out of the bar - at which point Homer walks past the bar.

Evergreen Terrace is the street the Simpsons live on. Sideshow Bob was once locked up in Morningwood Penitentiary. Fallout Boy is Radioactive Man’s Robin-esque sidekick.

And to show you how obscure some of these reference are, even I didn’t get “Speedholes.” But apparently, in the episode where Homer doubles for Krusty, a car salesman tells Homer that a car has “speed holes” to make it go faster. The car has actually been pumped full of bullets by Mafia hitmen who think Homer is Krusty, who owes them money. Later, Homer uses a pickaxe to install speed holes on his own car.

“I knew I should have bought more than four bullets!”

There is also at least one band named Kwyjibo.

There used to be a ska band called Chief Wiggum around somewhere, back when such things were popular.

When I finally get some of my music out into the world, I’m going with DJ Hank Scorpio.

<gasp>That man is my identical twin!
<gasp> That dog has a puffy tail!

My friends have a band called the Velocitators

(listen to “mad cow”)
Mr. Burns attempts to drive a car for the first time while proclaiming he is sure the owners’ manual will instruct him as to which lever is the velocitator and which one is the deceleratrix. The word is formed by changing the word “decelerator” from the Latin masculine to feminine. From “Homer the Smithers”

I think there was or is a ska band called something like I voted for Kodos in reference to the Hallowe’en special where the aliens take over America.


In one episode where the boys sneak into an old prison, the sign reads “Morningwood penitentiary (condemned).”

In my head morning wood is more associated with Beavis and Butthead. The morning wood fairy or some such nonsense :slight_smile: .

And convices Flanders to do the same

There was a short-lived Florida band in the late '90s called Jacuzzi Suit, named after the luxury relaxation device Milhouse’s mother bought when she came into some money.

Three, unless I’m mistaken.

Can we all agree that The Simpsons has been the single biggest influence on popular culture since the fall of the Berlin Wall? :smiley:

I seem to recall someone on this message board saying that he was either in or knew a band by the name of Rex Banner, a federal agent who attempts to track down the notorious bootlegger, “The Beer Baron” (Homer) when Springfield reinstates prohibition.

I can think of at least one song which was named after The Simpsons: Yo La Tengo recorded a song called Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House. You might remember Troy McClure from such telethons as Out With Gout '88 and the aforementioned. There was also a bootleg album called This Is Springfield, Not Shelbyville! which featured various bands doing covers of Simpsons songs as well as original songs inspired by the series.

Oh yeah, that was in the Radioactive Man/Fallout Boy episode, too, wasn’t it?