Bands that thought they were great, but weren’t

Metallica WAS good around the Master of Puppets/And Justice for All era. They kinda suck now, so they would be put on the list.

My first choice though would be Oasis. They thought they were the next beatles. lmfao…very far from it.

U2, huh?

Another huge U2 fan here.

I agree with everyone who’s picked Metallica and Oasis.

Metallica, for sure.

Agree with whoever mentioned Limp Bizkit, although I’m not sure anyone OTHER than Fred Durst believes that they’re any good.

Avril Lavigne, who also somehow believes that she has some sort of DIY credibility backing her up.

Just about every mainstream rap artist in existence- regardless of their actual talent, their personal perception of said talent dwarfs it without exception.

How about Roger Waters? I love Pink Floyd, but the guy’s ego and self-obsession destroyed the band. He’s a huge control freak, and although I love The Wall, his solo albums have ranged from good (Pros & Cons of Hitchiking) to awful (Radio KAOS).

The Byrds seemed to be a rather self absorbed bunch.

Love were pretty much the same.

I remember Nick Heywood, of the group Haircut 100, stating that Mick Jagger was a has been, the Stones were finished and that Haircut 100 would be remebered long after the Stones were gone.

That was in 1982.

Seems to me a remember him dying of AIDS.

Wang-ka I had ALL the BCR albums, picture, magazines!! HAHAHAHAHA! Well hell I was only 13 then.

As far as this OP goes

Oh and did I mention Creed?

Hallelujah, Krisfer

Creed was the first band that popped in my head when I read this thread title.

I mean at least U2, Roger Waters, Oasis and Metallica wrote some great songs. Creed can’t even make that claim.

And they reek of smugness and misplaced self-importance.

Days of The New!!! Does anybody remember them? Sometime around '96 or so, there was a band called Days of the New with an album of the same title. They were sort of your typical Pearl jam ripoff, only they were all acoustic all the time. The band was touring, opening for Metallica, when singer Travis Meeks fired the ENTIRE BAND. I don’t know what came of that but the next album, strangely also called Days of The New, was this bizarre over produced piece of poopy. It had choirs, an orchestra, and the songs just sucked. I remember the one single from that album, “Enemy”, which was a bizarre acoustic/techno mix featuring a video where Travis Meeks did a “Aren’t I sexy? Love Me!” Creed-type routine. They sort of fell off the map after that one. They have one other album, (amazingly, this one is ALSO called Days of The New), and I havent heard anything from it nor do I want to.

Jerry Cantrell is another one. He was the guitarist, songwriter, and background singer for Alice in Chains, and in that band I always thought he was really good. In 1998 he had a solo album, Boggy Depot, with songs that were ok…not too good or bad. However the cd is filled with enough ROCK GOD poses that it inspired me and my friends to hours of laughing fits. I went to see him in concert, where again he was just kind of ok, but his facial expressions and comments to the audience throughout the show proved his ego.


Well, I had just finished the “Why does everyone hate Creed” thread… so I thought go with a theme here!

Oh, and Smashing Pumpkins wasn’t at first, but their singer Billy Corgan kind of made them that way later on. Their last two albums were very, very depressing.

faux_pas will disagree, but System of a Down sucks ass big time, too.

I like Ariels but the rest of that CD definately sucked big time.

Sinead O’Connor (small band)
Moody Blues
Marilyn Manson
Meat Loaf (another small band; humbler now)
Van Halen
Duran Duran
Eurythmics (but Annie can sing)
Grand Funk Railroad

I think U2 really belong in this thread. You’d struggle to find a rock group bigger in the '80s.

9 Inch Nails.:rolleyes: More like 9 Inch Skidmark in Size 10 Boxershorts! :smiley:

Everybody else beat me to Oasis, U2, Metallica, Creed and Gn’R. Remember when Liam said Michael Hutchence was a has-been? Well, welcome to the club, Liam.

A Gay Bishop? Can’t beat that!

How is it that Live isn’t mentioned yet?

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

Wow there are some harsh opinions on here. First off, I can’t see how you can rag on a band when you don’t know many of their songs, i mean come on that is kinda stupid. But anyway, I am a Metallica fan and I realize their egos are rather large (despite the extensive meet and greets before every show and the now free online access to all their music and the free dvd with their latest cd that was priced low… but I digress). That said, I saw Fred Durst live and dispite being booed by an entire stadium, he went out and rocked the crowd like any entertainer dreams, and by the end of his set, there were mostly cheers. The thing that is troubling me most about this thread I guess, is the fact that people are hating on these bands just because they think they are good. My question is, why the hell shouldn’t a band go out there and say they are good? I wouldn’t want to see a band who were self proclaimed suckers. And if you want to make the arguement that only the “old stuff” is good, well heck I guess my favorite musicians are gregorian chanters :smiley:

He’s not a band, but I used to love Eminem back when he was new to the world. People used to say to me “He’s such an ass. Why does he make fun of everyone?” And I’d respond with a “He doesn’t let anyone censor him! He says what he wants! He’s a genius!”

Then, I realised… he’s just a repeatitive loser who has nothing to say other than to whine and moan about how his life sucks and he doesn’t want to be recognized on the streets.

He is not a genius. His first CD might have been original, but everything after that is just repeatitive crap.

Then again, I was thirteen. :rolleyes:

Two recent “super-groups” that I love: The New Pornographers and Broken Social Scene.