Bands that thought they were great, but weren’t

What bands had/have superiority complexes? Past and present performers who thought they were it, but really sucked? Bands and performers whose biggest fans were themselves?

The two biggies are U2 and Whitesnake. U2 continues to believe they’re an influential, ground-breaking band. Whitesnake actually believed they were Led Zeppelin reincarnated. That is, until Guns N’ Roses made that claim. All were incredibly horrible.

And how about Billy Joel? He honestly believes his music is important.

Finally, any garage band can write better songs than Kiss, but maybe they didn’t take themselves seriously…

Noel Gallagher claims that Oasis are “the fourth best band in history, after The Beatles, The Who and The Sex Pistols”. I liked ( What’s The Story) Morning Glory, but that comment is self-delusion of a very high order indeed.

  1. Styx

  2. Styx

  3. Styx

  4. Great White

Metallica, anyone?

Boston WAS great after their first album, then we waited and waited and waited…

Okay, I’ll be the turd in the puchbowl and say it:

Just about any rapper!

I never thought the Rolling Stones were anywhere nearly as hot as they put on. Less than a half dozen songs I can even associate with them.

And Bruce Springsteen never had a song I knew. I’ve heard about him, but I can’t say I’ve heard him. If somone played his Made in the USA I’d be hearing it for the first time.

King Crimson

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

pretty much any act that ever used the term “supergroup”

(very talented… they do not live up to their own hype though)


So would they.

If you only know of 6 songs from the Stones, and none from Springsteen, then let’s face it, you don’t really belong in this thread.

I’m beginning to think I’m the only person who loves U2…

As for my nomination, I’m going to have to go with Oasis. They were respectable, I even liked a few of their songs but they aren’t nearly as good as Noel seems to think they are.

‘I’m beginning to think I’m the only person who loves U2…’

There are two of us.

Think Limp Biskit is highly overrated.

Metallica, for sure. Their egos are so big, they could start a band themselves.

And I love Guns N Roses. :frowning:

Kiss, without question. Gene Simmons, specifically. Biggest tool on earth, other than his own GIANT HORSE COCK, of course…


I definetely agree with U2. They are a great band, but I hate it when they act like they are leading the world in a revolution.

Does anyone else remember Terence Trent D’Arby? In the late eighties he came out with an album that he claimed was better than Sgt. Pepper’s. I think he had a number one single, but then quickly faded away.

Another U2 fan checking in.They are making pretty decent music over the years, although I really do think that Mettallica top the snob chart.

I love U2.

Oasis…yuck. ALL their songs sound the same to me. If they’re the new Beatles, then I’m Marie of Roumania.

I would like to agree with the Metallica comments all around. They are the most overrated band ever.

and U2 rocks.


I guess no one remembers the Bay City Rollers… one of the first “boy bands” in history, back before anyone had a whole lot of experience with the phenomenon.

I believe it was Howard Cosell who remarked that they would be bigger than the Beatles.

Also can’t help but remember how one of the two chaps fronting for Milli Vanilli claimed that they were more talented than Bob Dylan.