Bands that you hated for REALLY stupid reasons, but later started liking

I absolutely despised **Pink Floyd ** in high school because I took a photography class with the school maniac/weirdo/freak, who would prattle on and on aned on and on and on about, " *How like, Dude, like * The Wall is like, everything. Like, it’s what it’s like all about. It like, really happened and stuff. I had to sit next to him and listen to that crap for 45 minutes five days a week for an entire semester.

Did I mention that he would also be carving stuff on his arm.

With a knife.

That put me off Pink Floyd for a good 10 years and I’m only slowly getting into them.

My elementary school music teacher was a burnout who played Beatles records backwards for us in class (among other fringe stuff, like transcendental meditation). Which, to an 8-year old, comes off as completely wacko. Only when I got to college did I start to enjoy the Beatles for myself and stop instantly connecting them with burnouts.

Roxy Music, for me. I thought that the music was a bit too swishy. then, i started going to clubs and developed a great love for them.

I used to think '80s metal bands (e.g., Metallica, Dio, Judas Priest, etc.) were nothing but noise while I was in high school. Now that I actually listen to them, I kinda like them. Now, bands like Slipknot, Mudvayne, etc…that’s noise.


When I was a teenager, I didn’t like Rush because my younger brother not only loved them, he played their music at deafening levels and tried to convince my parents as well as me of the poetry of their lyrics. Twenty years later, I’ve bought a Rush CD and have admitted even to him that they are pretty good. Of course, I listen at a slightly lower volume. :wink:


I used to hate King Crimson because “MTV Closet Classics” was a half hour long and the only KC they had was “Sailor’s Tale” which burned up half the show since it was 12 minutes long! So when the VJ said they had King Crimson coming up I knew there would only be a few videos on that day’s episode.

Then a few years later my uncle played “21st Century Schizoid Man” for me. That’s all it took…

Here goes all my street cred…

John Bon Jovie. (Izzat right?)
Hated hated hated the man and the band, in highschool. Well, senior year, anyway. Refused to listen to them when they came on the radio (which was like every 3 mintues 5 seconds, for a while) made fun of both the band and its fans, including belting out the incredibly mature parody version of “Dead or Alive” that I’m sure more than a couple of you know.

Caught myself singing along to some tune or another of theirs whilst listening to the “all 80s” station t’other day, surprised that I both knew the lyrics, and was actually digging the song. Y’know, the guy’s got a pretty decent voice.

[sub]I still don’t understand the mass appeal of Led Zepplin, though. They’re hit or miss for me, but I loathe Stairway. I’m pretty sure I was the only guy in my home town who had this opinion, which may well be why I held this opinion.[/sub]

WSLer did you happen to go to HS in Texas in the mid-90s or is there another Pink Floyd crazed photographer. There was a guy who moved to my school from Texas. I think his entire wardrobe consisted of 5 Pink Floyd shirts. Other than that he was pretty cool.

Hmm…on topic…I used to hate all country, but now I find myself fond of George Strait’s music. I’m not really sure why.


Twelve year old me: Born Slippy? It’s just noise! where are the guitars? this is shit!

same with heaps of other electronica and hip-hop.

REM, for no other reason than that I was 13 and my mom liked it. Now they’re my favorite band.

The Backstreet Boys…it’s like every single preteen girl in the DFW metroplex was crazy for them at one point and you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing them.Then one day,I was flipping around and caught one of their videos on VH1.Been hooked ever since.:slight_smile:

I have no idea why I hated Tom Petty so much as a kid. (I think I thought he was ugly)

Now I adore his music.

Green Day. Basket Case was waaaaay overplayed when it first came out. My encounters with that song usually went something like this:

RADIO: Doooo you have the time / To listen to me whine?
ME: No changes stations

Then one day I came in on the middle of the song and liked it. Now I like Green Day.

Lots of bands that I knew I was supposed to like, but didn’t on the grounds that they were “old”, like the sort of music you expected your parents to like - The Who, David Bowie etc.

No, I spent my entire high school career at Thomas S. wootton high school in Rockville, MD.

I hated Nirvana because they sounded the death knell for my beloved big-hair-80’s rock. I actually like them quite a bit now, though.