Bands where all members have sung lead vocals at least once

Beatles are the obvious answer. Lots of songs sung by each of the lads.

Cream (Ginger Baker did “Pressed Rat and Warthog”)

Police - I know Copeland did vocals on some early songs, and I think Summers sang one song on “Synchronicity”.

I think Eagles, in their “classic” lineup, did this.

I’m sure there are plenty more but I’m not coming up with many off the top of my head.

Kiss’ classic lineup and on.

Phish? I’m not confident, but I think so.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


Hall and Oates

I want to say Queen, but I’m not sure if John Deacon ever sang lead.

The Bangles

The Beach Boys, depending on who counts as a “member”

The Moody Blues? Probably not; drummer Graeme Edge did a couple spoken recitations, but I don’t think he ever actually sang a lead vocal.

Do supergroups like The Traveling Wilburys and The Highwaymen count?

The Who. Keith Moon is a close call, but he sang something on “A Quick One” in 1966.

The White Stripes (two people, so pretty easy to do)

Japandroids (see above)

Sleater-Kinney? (current/longtime drummer Janet Weiss has no lead parts, but early drummer Laura Macfarlane does)

Duos shouldn’t really count as a “bands.” The thread would go on forever with obvious responses.

Pink Floyd, actually.

Neither Nick Mason nor Richard Wright made much of a habit of it, but over the years they each did a tiny few. Barrett, Gilmour, and Waters were more prolific in that role, of course.

Wings, at least for the Wings at the Speed of Sound lineup.

I’d allow Moody Blues. I didn’t specify"sung", just “lead vocals”. Otherwise Cream wouldn’t count either.

ETA: Yeah I guess I did say “sung”. But I’ll take spoken.

I’m fairly certain that he didn’t (but I’d be happy to be proved wrong). I think that he didn’t have a particularly good singing voice, and in a band with three very good voices, I think that he was uncomfortable singing at all – it was only late in the band’s run that he even sang at all on choruses, and apparently, for a while, when he was “singing” on choruses in concert, his mike wasn’t hooked up.

Traffic, in their second album. Winwood and Mason sang lead and Capaldi harmonized with Winwood. Chris Wood is listed as a backing vocals on “Feelin’ Alright?”

I skipped Floyd because I thought all of Mason’s were spoken-word, but I may have missed some…

The Traveling Wilburys.

The Eagles, as someone mentioned, are correct. Don Felder sang lead on exactly one song (“Visions”). All the other members, both original and replacements, sang lead numerous times.

Why not? Not all supergroups are formed by vocalists.

All three members of King’s X sang lead at some time, although Doug Pinnick did about 90% of the lead vocals.

Simon and Garfunkel.

Exactly right. He’s on record as saying he could never sing and wasn’t comfortable with it. Would occasionally do some background vocals so long as everyone was doing them behind Freddie to add an extra voice.

I was a mega fan of the band for years before I ever heard his voice. On Friday Night Videos he said, “And I’m John Deacon” and shut back up. Made my day, that did.